2018 Sun Moon Lake Cycling, Music & Fireworks Festival

Activity story

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Crowned as one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake was also chosen by President Chiang to receive international guests. Until today, it has always been one of Taiwan’s must-loved destinations by both tourists and locals. Visitors can also experience a variety of ecology and culture in Sun Moon Lake all year round- firefly season in spring and summer, colorful butterflies and frogs in summer and fall, annual Harvest Festival for Thao people, Fireworks and Music Festival in autumn, and hot springs in winter.

“Sun Moon Lake Fireworks and Music Festival” held from September to November has become a must-not-miss attraction for tourists visiting Sun Moon Lake in autumn every year. This annual grand event holds a series of activities combining a number of themes, including culture, tourism, art, sports, and leisure.

Resourse: Tourism Bureau

In 2012, CNN Travel rated Sun Moon Lake as one of the 10 most breathtaking cycling routes in the world. With a growing popularity of sport tourism, many well-known international outdoor leisure brands cooperated with the Administration to hold the first Sun Moon Lake Come!Bikeday and The North Face-Sun Moon Lake Outdoor Music Festival & Fireworks in additional to the original music and cultural performances. In 2013, a series of activities were added to the festival, including the Black Tea Festival, Sun Moon Lake Wedding, Hot Spring Festival, marathon activities, and orienteering. Moreover, the Sun Moon Lake Come!Bikeway also became one of the events in the grand Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks Music Festival in an attempt to offer a wider diversity of activities to tourists.

Resourse: Tourism Bureau

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Resourse: Tourism Bureau

Thanks to Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration for the content sharing.

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