One-Day Itinerary of Lugang(鹿港):Enjoy the Diverse Food Culture along with Historic Sites

You must have heard about Lugang(鹿港) if you come to Taiwan. Lugang can be seen as one of the must-go in Taiwan.

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Talking about Lugang, it was once the economic and transport hub of central Taiwan in earlier times. There is a saying goes “The first is Tainan, second is Lugang and the third is Mengjia(today’s Wanhua district in Taipei)”. This illustrates the high position of the town in its glory days. In addition to being the early cultural capital of Taiwan, Lugang was also a commercially prosperous area. During the Qing dynasty, the town was an important trading port, bringing all types of products to the town and fueling Lugang’s economic rise. Lugang was also unrivaled for its high cuisine and a diversity of local snack foods reflecting its broad immigrant mix. 

Delicious seafood, baked goods, and distinctive street food are the feature of the town. This diverse food culture, along with historic sites, scenic attractions, beautiful craftsmanship, make Lugang one of the best destination as traveling in Taiwan.

I always believe that beautiful things are meant to be shared. Here I list some places that should be on your plan if you want to travel to Lugang.


Resource : Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Straddles Tianwei and Yongjing townships, you can reach the Tianwei Highway Garden as you run along Provincial Route No.1. The Garden has a large number of flowers and shrubs. The artificial light along the route at night which is used to force chrysanthemums to bloom early is the main attraction of the garden. As soon as night falls hundreds of bulbs come alight. The flower season is from December to February. During the flower season, some local vendors would show up. You can try some local street food while enjoy the flowers.


Resource : Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Established in the early Qing dynasty, Lugang Mazu Temple is now one of the national monument. It is one of the three major monuments in Changhua. The design of the temple includes carving and painting are all from the masters. Gorgeous and fascinating, you can learn the history and culture from the architecture. Believers nowadays are spread all over the world, it’s one of the representative Mazu Temple in Taiwan. It is also a place for studying historical materials, researching historical sites, and exploring folk beliefs. It can be seen as the treasure of Changhua.


Resource : Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan)

This street is made up of the curved, red-tiled lanes of today’s Putou, Yaolin, and Dayou streets. Both sides of the streets are lined with newly renovated old-style shop buildings that feature intensely interesting internal room layouts and old-style exteriors. Here you can feel some of the atmosphere of old Lugang. There are some well-known local dishes along the street. I suggest that you can spend an afternoon strolling here.


Resource : Taiwan Religious Scenes Top 100

After enjoy the time in the old street, there is another place you must take a look if you travel to Lugang, Husheng Glass Temple. It’s the world’s only temple made entirely of glass which is unique and well worth to visit. In the Glass Temple, Chuanghua’s traditional glass industry and green technology have been integrated to produce a religious building of considerable architectural interest. The most unique thing in this glass temple is that the Mazu statue, her palanquin, and the Mazu ship are all made of glass. The temple is a showcase for the beauty of Taiwanese glass art.

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Content Reference : Taiwan Religious Scenes Top 100 and Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan) .

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