HSINCHU|Jianshi Giant Trees:Unusual Rock Formations

After touring the Neiwan Scenic Area make sure to visit the Houshan (rear mountain) area. The front part of Jianshi follows the crystal clear waters of the Naluo River into a rugged landscape populated by unusual rock formations; while the rear part crosses the mountain saddle to the Hou Montain (Houshan) area, where the magnificent views of the surrounding peaks await. You can also continue on to the Xiuluan Hot Springs and see the divine trees of Jianshi Township’s most remote aboriginal villages; Simakusi and Zhenxibao.

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Resourse: Tourism Bureau

Towering about 50 meters high from its perch on the bank of the Youluo River, Jianshi Rock resembles a forefinger pointing to the sky. The locals say the rock was connected to another large boulder on the other bank of the river, but the two sides were separated during a flood. The bigger of the two is called “Father Jianshi” and the smaller one “Mother Jianshi.” At the base of Jianshi Rock is a small shrine dedicated to Jianshiye, a widely revered god in these parts.

Note: This area can only be reached by car. Mountain entry permits are required.

Travel Info
Jianshi Giant Trees
尖石巨木群/Jiān shí jùmù qún]
-Located in:
North Taiwan
-Features:Natural Spot
-Highly recommend to:
Nature Lovers

-Address:Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County


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