Where To Go in TAINAN? Must-Go Places for Hipsters!

Tainan is a city with tasty local food and is full of attractive Taiwanese culture. You can deeply feel the passion of Taiwanese hospitality in this southern city in Taiwan. There are lots of amazing places where is worthy to travel. I’ve made a list of the must-go places in Tainan for hipsters and for people who like to take photos. These places are well-know instaworthy.

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A quiet and small place which was once the home of Taiwanese famous Literary writer Ye Shi tao(葉石濤). The old and tiny lane constructed by local residents which make this place is full of stories and memories. These stories are painted on the walls. It’s quite an unique experience to find the hidden snails while appreciating these paintings.



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Chimei Museum is a comprehensive museum with wide collections of Western art, musical instruments, weaponry and natural history. There are permanent exhibition galleries, one temporary exhibition gallery and sculpture halls in the main building. One of the features of Chimei Museum is its outlook of building. Looks like a castle with Greek style, the building is stately and splendid. The view is quite different during the day and night. No matter when you come, it will always astonish you. 


Resource : Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government

An old street which was once the most prosperous area of ​​business in Qing dynasty. Shennong Street is named after the temple of the King of Medicine at the street. There are many famous folk activities originating from here. It is said that because the property rights of Shennong Street are not easy to rebuild, there are lots of buildings with Qing and Japanese culture remained. It is also the most completed old street in Tainan! The old streets have been degraded because of old age and have become the center of creative arts in recent years. You can now find some handmade arts in Shennong street. 



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The museum does a great job in preserving and maintaining the historical and cultural remains of Taiwan. You can learn lots of Taiwanese history in this museum. The museum covers a very large area which makes it a good place for family with children.


Resource : Wikipedia

The park has a total area of 39,310 hectares. Land area includes public lands from Yanshui River to the Zengwen River of Tainan City, Tainan Black-faced spoonbill Reserve and Cigu Lagoon, covering 4095 hectares. The main focuses of the plan are to protect wetlands biodiversity, history of settlement and the characteristic salt and fishing industries. It’s a good place for bird-watching. The view here is also awesome, too.
(Resource: Taijian National Park)



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Take a leisurely boat ride, enjoy the breathtaking scenery and listen carefully to the commentary. It is the best way to spend a pleasant afternoon! Sicao Mangrove Green Tunnel is naturally formed by mangroves. It is now the best mangrove natural observation area in Tainan City and is called as the mini version of the Amazon River. As long as you buy the ticket, you can follow the professional ecological commentator with a boat and get to know the beauty of this wonderful place!

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