Experience the Traditional Taste of TAIWAN : 豐春冰Shoufeng Ice in Hualien

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Resource : Ash

A belated post from Chinese New Year in Hualien.

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Resource : Ash

The fact that this shop is like 1/2 processing plant for the ice and 1/2 tables for customers definitely adds to the intrigue.

Resource : Ash

From left to right, top to bottom: grass jelly, mung bean, taro, pineapple, red bean, kidney beans.

Resource : Ash

We always tend to go with the same flavours, as they are so damn good. Above you can see a mix of the red bean and taro, and also the kidney bean and taro. The taro is an absolute MUST, but I would say if you prefer a more savoury taste then the kidney beans are for you. Sweet tooth? Red beans or pineapple. It’s only $50/bowl, so it’s definitely not going to break the bank, and the train from Hualien Station to ShouFeng is quick and fun – win!

Resource : Ash

Travel Info
Shoufeng Ice
[豐春冰菓店/Fēng chūn bīng guǒ diàn
-Located in:
Eastern Taiwan
-Opening Hours:10:30–17:00(Be aware of closures over Chinese New Year on certain dates TBC by the place itself, but you’ll probably only find that on the door.)
No.79, Sect. 1, Shoufeng Rd., Shoufeng Township, Hualien County, Taiwan 

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Original Article:Hualien County, ShouFeng Township – 豐春冰 Shoufeng Ice

Ash is the creator of Eatingintaipei. He works hard to combine English with Chinese on his blog, to try and help bridge the gap for people wanting to eat the best food that the island has to offer.

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