9 Best Places for Picnic in Taiwan : Let’s go picnicking!

In recent years, picnic has become common in Taiwan. People likes to go picnicking in a place with wonderful views and their lovely friends or families. It’s a good chance to communicate and chat with their friends and families. That’s why people like this experience. Imaging that you and your family go to an amazing park with vast grassland for picnicking. Sitting together and chatting with each other. Enjoy the soft and comfortable atmosphere and get rid of all the annoyance. Sounds really great right? We have found out 9 best places for picnic in Taiwan! Let’s have a look!

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You may not know where is Qingtianggang grassland, but you must hear about Yangmingshan National Park. Well, Qingtianggang grassland is one of the most famous sites in this national park and it’s famous for being the best picnicking places in northern Taiwan. Because Yangmingshan is a volcano which is full of special geology makes this grassland become a lava terrace. Due to the flat terrain, the grassland became an important cattle grazing area during the Japanese era. You can still see some cattle here. The best time to travel here might be in the early morning or in the afternoon. You can leisurely lie on the grass, and the cattle will be around you.

Address|No. 246, Ln. 101, Jingshan Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
Trsnsportation|Way to Yangmingshan National Park


Resource : Village Taipei

Resource : Village Taipei

Near the Huashan 1914 Creative Park, the grand green is a prairie with great view in Taipei city. It has become one of the favorite spots of young tourists. You can not only picnic here, but enjoy the performances. There are also some old buildings with unique style can be visited and photographed near the prairie. Sometimes on the weekends, there will be featured exhibitions and markets on the prairie which attract people come. If you like to enjoy a hipster-styled picnic, then the grand green might be your first choice.

Address|No. 27, Linsen North Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
Trsnsportation|Get out from MRTShandao Temple Station Exit 1, and walk for 3-5 mins.


Resource : Flickr@tenz1225

Dann Forest Park is an ecological park with a forest-like environment. Park roads are lined with trees such as camphor, cajuput, ficus and maples. Bushes and flower beds are planted throughout the park to help make the park into a lush, green space. The park is likened to the lungs of Taipei. The park is a great place to hang out in or to stroll around after a meal on nearby Yongkang St. It’s also a great location for a picnic. The most important thing of all, ,it is easily accessible by bus and MRT.

Address|Sect. 1, Da’an Rd., Daan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
Trsnsportation|MRTDa’an Forest Park Station



Located in Shilin district, there is a grand prairie in the Taipei expo park. The park was built for the flora exposition which was held before. Though there isn’t any hundreds of flowers here, there is trees and lawn remained. I think it’s really a good place for families with children because children can have fun chasing each other in the park or practicing riding a bike. There are also some markets on the weekends. Unlike the markets which are held in Huashan and are hipster-styled. The markets in Taipei Expo park show the features of Taiwan local agriculture. It’s quite a special experience having a picnic here.

Address|No. 105, Sect. 3, Xinsheng North Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
Trsnsportation|MRTYuanshan Station Exit 1


Resource : Wikipedia

Dajia riverside park is a metropolitan green park developed by the government which is located in Zhongzheng district. Owning an enormous area, you can see a limitless grassland at your first sight.The breathtaking view with Miramar’s Ferris Wheel, isn’t it wonderful? There is a large fountain in the park which the water is up to 75 meters high. It uses the visual changes of the water level to show its rhythmic characteristics. There is also a sport park inside and a bicycle path surrounding the park. Sometimes there are events held here. You can totally feel the vitality of Taipei in this park.

MRTYuanshan Station and transfer to the bus No.102, 103 to Dajia elementary school(Watergate 9)
MRTDazhi Station and transfer to the bus No.72, 222 to Dajia riverside park



Resource : Wikipedia

If you have once been to Taichung, then you must hear about this university. This school is well known for owing the most beautiful campus in Taichung. The hottest spot of this campus is the Luce Chapel. Look like the prayer’s hands when they are praying, the Luce Chapel is the mental indicator of Tunghai students and it’s designed by the famous architect, Ieoh Ming Pei(貝聿銘). There is a lawn surrounding the Luce Chapel. On the weekend, people gather here and spend their leisure time. Sometimes, couples will have their wedding photos shot here. It’s really a nice place for picnic and enjoy the romance atmosphere. 

Address|No. 1727, Sect. 4, Taiwan Avenue, Xitun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan
●Take HSR to Taichung Wuri Station and get on the free shuttle bus.
●Take the Taichung bus No. 69, 88, 103, 106, 146, 147 to Tunghai university.
●Take the Ubus No. 75, 83, 88 to Taichung Veterans General Hospital(The campus is on the opposite). 


Resource : Taichung Travel Net

Wenxin Forest Park covers an area of ​​8.86 hectares. Besides the grassland, there is Fulfillment Amphitheatre inside the park which is the biggest amphitheatre in Taiwan. Th amphitheatre can contain about 15,000 audiences. There will be music concerts and some performances held in this amphitheatre on the weekends. It’s quite an enjoyment taking a picnic here, chatting with your friends and stroll around in the park with your lovely pets.

Address|No. 289, Sect. 1, Wenxin Rd., Nanxun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan
Trsnsportation|Bus No. 5, 53, 73, 89, 157, 356, 359 to Wenxin Forest Park



Resource : Wikipedia

There is an university in Tainan which is well known for its history and featured buildings. That is National Cheng Kung University. NCKU was once National Tainan Industrial High School which was built in Japanese era. You can learn about the history of Taiwan there if you want. Apart from the history, the buildings in the university mix the style of Baroque, Zephyr and Chinese culture. You can enjoy your time in the history, in these special buildings or the fantastic view of the campus!

Address|No. 1, Daxue Rd., East Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan


Resource : The Pier-2 Art Center

Located at the sides of the pier are the artistic warehouse clusters. Not only are there unlimited flows of cars, boats, sea breeze and people coming and going every day but also when looking at the vast ocean and sky, one is relaxed, stress-free with limitless thoughts. Pier-2 has now become on par with the rest of the artistic world where imagination, creativity, and animation has become solid building blocks for the future. Thanks to the specific location that makes the Pier-2 art center so unique and become the best leisure plaza for visitors. You can not only enjoy your picnic but enjoy having a ride with terrific views, amazing artworks and fabulous performances.
(Resource from The Pier-2 Art Center)

Address|No. 1, Dayong Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Opening Hours|10:00-18:00(Mon to Thu)/10:00-20:00(Fri to Sun)
●MRT Yanchengpu Station(O2 station) exit 1, walk bound for 5 minutes along Dayong Road.
●Orange line Sizihwan Station(O1 station) exit 2,walk bound for 2 minutes along West Side Harbor Line Bike Path.

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