Information of 2018 Taoyuan Land Art Festival:Old City, New Art

Taoyuan Land Art Festival has become one of the important issues and activities in Taoyuan in recent years. There are variety artworks shown in the festival. All of them represent the style and culture of Taoyuan. Taoyuan is always seen to be a boring city in Taiwan. Through this activity, we hope that you can find out the difference of Taoyuan. Here comes the information of 2018 Taoyuan Land Art Festival.

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The 2018 Taoyuan Land Art Festival (TLAF) will be held from Sept. 14 to Sept. 30, 2018 at Yangmei/Fugang, Zhongli/Laojie Creek, and the Chintan Park. The festival will introduce the theme of “Old City, New Art: The Sparkling Young Taoyuan” and emulate the three major foci (e.g., “awakening local culture,” “driving community practices,” and “building art foundations”) and four major values (e.g., “community participation,” “local characteristics,” “environmental sustainability,” and “circular economy”) of the TLAF. In addition, the festival will combine art and space to facilitate human–environment interaction and will present traditional old streets and new emerging cities to visitors. The TLAF will feature 50 artwork, 33 themed activities, two international parade exchanges, 14 aqua theater performances, and over 146 events including workshops and international art exchanges. The goal is to utilize art to teach visitors, in a step-by-step manner, about Taoyuan, allowing them to witness the past, present, and future of the city. 


The TLAF will comprise three exhibition areas, which will be “Fugang,” “Zhongli Laojie Creek,” and “Chintan Park.” Each exhibition area will contain its own exclusive art activities.


Resource : Taoyuan Land Art Festival

Fugang residents will be guided to build “memory tracks” and recreate memory using public art. Formerly known as “Pokgonggang”, the hillside is full of Pokgong temples which gave its name. Fugang was gathered by hakka people so that there is hakka culture remained. 

You will notice that there is a giant artwork of egret near the ponds which is created by Hsu Tsung-Chieh(許宗傑) in Yangmei. The create art work based on egret, which is considered the protector of crops and good luck charms for villages. This artwork would definitely be the most eye-caught art piece during the festival. 

Resource : Taoyuan Land Art Festival

#Zhongli Laojie Creek

Resource : Taoyuan Land Art Festival

In “Zhongli Laojie Creek,” busy Zhongli streets and street corners will be examined using new aesthetic perspectives and local stories will be reinterpreted. The creek is the birthplace of Hakka culture and Hakka market street. From the development of Qing dynasties, it was an important traffic relay city street. Besides this, there are still many Japanese-style buildings in the old district. You can totally learn about the history of Japanese era and Qing dynasty in Zhongli from the art pieces and the buildings.

Resource : Taoyuan Land Art Festival

#Chintan Park

Resource : Taoyuan Land Art Festival

In “Chintan Park,” large-scale art creation will be combined with new, “tailor-made” aqua theaters to accentuate the clear, crystalline Chintan Park. Chintan Park was originally used for agricultural irrigation. After re-planning, it has become a park for people playing with water. There will be drama shown on the weekends during the festival. The story will use the three precious elements of water, wind and soil to metaphorizes the most precious natural resources and humanistic features in the development of Taoyuan.

Resource : Taoyuan Land Art Festival


There are several interesting and meaningful events held in Fugang.

#Touring Fugang

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Play folk custom games, eat delicious snacks, and take home fascinating souvenirs. Relieve the 1960–1970 Fugang Old Street experience and witness morning food markets filled with people and noise. The folk custom games will be based on the history of Fugang. They will include trivia about Fugang combined with activities such as creating dough figurine sculpture, sugar painting, making tanghulu, and rolling iron hoops. By completing the folk custom games, players will be awarded traditional souvenirs. 

#Pounding Mochi

Resource : Taoyuan Land Art Festival

Along the Fugang Old Street is countless unforgettable, mouth-watering Hakka cuisine. However, among such cuisine, “rice food” such as flat noodles, mocha, and niu wenshui is authentic Hakka cuisine that is the most representative of Hakka traditional culture. Experience the pounding of mochi, taste local Hakka rice food, and embrace local food culture! By pounding glutinous rice dumpling into mochi, visitors will experience Hakka people’s cohesiveness in overcoming struggles. 

Date and Time|9/29(Sat) 10:00-12:00
Venue|Square in front of the Fugang Railway Station

#Enjoying the Food of Fugang

Resource : Taoyuan Land Art Festival

Mix poems with Hakka cuisine to create a unique art feast! The unique Hakka cultural custom of “food is a blessing” will be used as the theme to connect the five most representative traditional Hakka dishes together with poems. On the day of the event, boxed meals containing poems and Hakka food will be provided.


Date and Time|9/24(Mon) 11:00-13:00
Venue|Square in front of the Fugang Railway Station


#To the Exhibition Area in Fugang

Resource : Taoyuan Land Art Festival/Lemon@ReadyGo

#To the exhibition area in Zhongli Laojie Creek

Resource : Taoyuan Land Art Festival/Lemon@ReadyGo

#To the exhibition area in Chintan Park

Resource : Taoyuan Land Art Festival/Lemon@ReadyGo

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Thanks to 2018 Taoyuan Land Art Festival for the content sharing.

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