MIAOLI|Remains of Longteng Bridge:Old Mountain Line Rail Bike

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Located in the Sanyi Township of Miaoli, Yutengping Bridge. There is an interesting story about the town of Longteng that is revealing of the superstitious beliefs that local people once held. When the first settlers started to cultivate land in the area, they believed that Liyu Lake, located nearby, was inhabited by a carp spirit which brought hardship to the people. In order to overcome this evil spirit they planted yuteng (a poisonous plant) in the Longteng Mountain area. At the same time they gave the mountain in the east the name Guandao Mountain (lit. Guan Sword Mountain) hoping that the Sword Mountain would cut the Yuteng Rattan. In this way, they hoped to poison the evil carp spirit. The ploy must have been effective, for people no longer believe that the evil carp spirit harms the people of Longteng.

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In the morning of April 24, 1935 a strong earthquake hit central Taiwan. lts epicenter was near Mt. Guandao, and many buildings in the Sanyi district were destroyed. Sadly, again in 1999, another disastrous earthquake caused damage to the surviving bridge piers, which became what we see today. A reminder of this earthquake remains in the ruins of the arched bridge over Long River. It can be seen from the railway line between Sanyi and Houli.

Old Mountain Line Rail Bike

After the old mountain line was stopped in 1998, the central and local expected it to resume driving. In view of the local expectations for the activation and reuse of the old mountain track, the county government has proposed the “Railbike Orbital Bicycle Project” . The way of preservation allows visitors to experience the beauty of the old mountain line in a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and healthy way.


It is a short tunnel group consisting of four tunnels No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6. Since the segment is a straight line and the tunnels are arranged one after the other, it is possible to see multiple tunnels at the same time at one end. This section of the tunnel was a cement tunnel that was rebuilt after the 1935 earthquake.

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Remains of Longteng Bridge
[龍騰斷橋/Lóngténg duàn qiáo
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Northern Taiwan
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Longteng, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County 367, Taiwan 


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