Try Something Different!Experience 4 Kinds of TRIBE TOURISM in TAIWAN

There are different aborigines and tribes in different countries. Mentioning about them,it’s always full of delicacies and mysterious stories or tales. Taiwan is rich in aboriginal culture, and TRIBAL TOURISM is quite famous and common. People would go to different tribes to experience different aboriginal culture and life. It’s always an amazing experience to discover the feature of a place you don’t know and find out the yummy cuisine. If you want to try a different kind of tourism without shopping schedule or want to try a different life in a tribe far away from bustle cities, tribal tourism might be a great decision!

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▸Coffee in Ali Mountain

Resource : Visual Hunt

If you have done some homework about Ali mountain, then you might know that Ali mountain is famous for 5 specific scenery, sunrise, cloud sea, forest, railway and sunset. Want to have a cup of coffee with these extraordinary beauty? Well, Leye tribe will be the best place! Located at an altitude of 1000 meters, Leye tribe is is one of the four villages of the Tsou Villages. The name of the tribe is according to the flaming maples. The Leye tribe is well known for its coffee! Speaking of coffee, can’t help but mention the “Ajong Guest House(阿將的家)” which is a hostel and “ZouZhuYuan(鄒築園)”.

The coffee in Ajong is the siphon coffee, which is hand-made by boss. Because the temperature and the taste are both well controlled, people who drank it would like it very much. It’s quite good to have a coffee of Ajong with the unique rice muffins. Talking about ZouZhuYuan, the boss is also called as the coffee prince in Ali mountain. Due to winning many awards of the coffee bean baking champion, the coffee beans used in the restaurant are all self-cultivated and self-baked.

Pavilion Festival

Resource : Tripbaa

“Aveoveoyu~” In Tsou, this word means “I’m pleasant.” It’s kind of a greeting like we use to say. You can see many Tsou in Chiayi because here is their origins. Besides the Leye tribe, CaYaMaVana tribe is another place you must take a look. It’s quite difficult to pronounce because it’s the language of Tsou. The meaning of CaYaMaVana is “the plain on the mountainside”. There will be a pavilion festival at the end of year which is held to inherit and promote the Tsou’s culture. You can see pavilions everywhere in CaYaMaVana tribe, it’s the feature and it’s the symbolism of sharing the culture. At that day, local delicacies are all provided for free. Visitors can enjoy all the food just need to say”Aveveoyu” to the host. 

Not only for the festival, there is a unique activity called “Borrowing fire from the gods”. The chieftain will lead the visitors into the dark forest. They need to get the fire from the place in the trail where is 3 kilometers away from the tribe. This activity has a mysterious tale. It’s said there was once a flood that extinguished all the sources of fire and turned the world into dark. Only the sparrows successfully brought back the fire from the god. So this activity are willing people to cherish the light and fire we own and to respect our mother Earth. It’s quite a special experience.

Pounding and Bow Zither

Resource : kunuan

Mayuan tribe in Hualien preserves two traditional and unique instruments of Bunun. It’s quite difficult to translate these special instruments into English. One is called “pounding”. The sound is created by tapping the stone with wooden piles. The other one is called “bow zither”. This instrument is made of bamboo which can play a soft and simple sound. It will be a very unique experience to listen to the traditional Bunun ballad with these two instruments.

Not only for the instruments, the scenery in the tribe is also astonished. Huge eucalyptus and mysterious streams like Avatar’s wonderland, the beauty did attract visitors come. The feature of Mayuan tribe is “Always Sharing”. You can definitely enjoy the happiness here and you don’t need to worry about being hungry. Because they will served you lots of delicacies.

▸Malastapang(Reporting the Records of Fights)&Manaq tainga(Ear Festival)

Resource : Chen Liang Dao

Another famous tribe of Bunun is Yongkang tribe which is located in Taitung. The well known “Ear festival” is held to express the gratitude to the prey for the whole year and it also teaches their children the importance of inherit the culture. Not only for manaq tainga, Bunun is also famous for malastapang, reporting the records of fights. In ancient, if the clans defeated the enemy, they would report their records by singing. This behavior emphasizes sharing, being humble and glory their families. Since there is no fights anymore, the purpose and practice of the warfare have also changed. You can only hear at festivals or weddings. The main singing performers are still male-dominated, and women can only stay behind men.

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