Travel on a Budget!One-Day Tour in BEITOU : 6 Must-Go Spots You Can’t Miss

It’s kind of a harassment that you want to go on a one-day trip on a budget, but you don’t want to spend times on transportation or go to somewhere far away home. You always need to think of where to go but that is exactly a bothering thing because you have really no idea. Well, this time you don’t need to worry about the destination. There is a place called Beitou in Taiwan will satisfy all your wishes.Beitou is a district that is full of Japanese style in Taiwan. You can easily reach to Beitou by taking MRT. It’s one of the station on red line. Thanks to the MRT, you can go on a budget trip without spending lots of money.

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Talking about Beitou, first thing that comes up in your mind must be the hot spring. Hot spring can be seen as the representative as Beitou because Beitou is the cradle of hot spring. The first hot spring hostel in Taiwan was set in 1896 by an Osaka businessman in Beitou.  The name of the Beitou district is because the early Ketagalan people, one of the Taiwanese aborigines, believed that the geothermal valley can smoke was made by a witch’s spell. The witch in the Ketagalan language was pronounced as “PATAW”, and the pronunciation just like the Taiwanese of Beitou. Therefore, it’s named as Beitou. You can not only enjoy the culture of hot spring in Beitou but enjoy the Japanese culture here. We’ve picked out some famous spots in Beitou, Taiwan. Hope you enjoy your one-day budget trip!


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You may not know where is Qingtianggang grassland, but you must hear about Yangmingshan National Park. Well, Qingtianggang grassland is one of the most famous sites in this national park. Because Yangmingshan is a volcano which is full of special geology makes this grassland become a lava terrace. Due to the flat terrain, the grassland became an important cattle grazing area during the Japanese era. You can still see some cattle here. The best time to travel here might be in the early morning or in the afternoon. You can leisurely lie on the grass, and the cattle will be around you.


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Built in different way with traditional construction, Beitou Library was designed as a “Green Building Library.”It is not constructed by steels and cements, instead, it is a big tree house in the park. The library is located in Beitou park so that readers can enjoy viewing mountainous scenery and relaxing breeze while they are reading. 


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Built in 1913, Beitou Hot Spring Museum was constructed with combination of Japanese and Western architectural styles. It was originally the public bath of Beitou Hot Springs and was the largest hot spring bath in East Asia at that time. The materials used were bricks, woods, black tiles, etc. Strolling along the tree-lined road to the side, it is not difficult to recall the lively appearance of the year. Visitors are requested to put on museum slippers when they enter this wooden building. They can enjoy the relaxing feeling by imaging the elegant and classic taste created by Roman-style bath pool and its big tatami hall. You can learn the history and the promotion of the establishment of the hot spring museum. It’s a great place to get rid of the worries.


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Plum Garden was established in 1930 by a rich Japanese. Its elegant outlook with delicate layout inside has shown a house in typical Japanese mood. It’s famous because it’s the place where Yu Yo Ren, one of the most famous calligrapher, once used to get away from the hot weather, being lobbied and social activities. The atmosphere is quite elegant and quiet here. At entry gate, the name “Plum Garden” was written by himself for memory. You can learn a lot of calligraphic culture here.


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Located next to Beitou Park, thermal valley was exploited in 1911 and is a source of green sulfar hot spring in Beitou. The temperature of the hot spring water here is about 60-70 degrees. It’s the hot spring with the highest temperature in the Datun volcano group. Visitors used to boil eggs there, making its name “A hell for boiling eggs.” It is filled with sulfur smoke all year round, and it is one of the must-see views in Taiwan. Since it has been under management, the facilities here have been well constructed. The misty phenomenon year round has created a fantastic atmosphere there.


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In addition to the culture of hot spring, Beitou is also well known for aboriginal culture. Ketagalan Cultural Center records the history of the Pingpu people, as well as the contemporary art and cultural relics of the aborigines. The center is just next to Beitou park. You can strongly feel the culture of aborigines through the outlooks of the center as well as the decoration inside. If you are highly interested in aboriginal culture, don’t forget to set this place in your travel list.

As you can see, there are many charming spots in Beitou. Next time if are wondering making a one-day trip on budget, taking Beitou as your destination. This trip will absolutely satisfy you!

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