5 Can’t-Miss GLAMPING Experience in Taiwan

Camping is indeed a fascinating experience that you must own one time in your life, but it’s not always what you dream it up to be. Sometimes you have go across the river or creek, climb the mountains, learn how to survive in nature by setting up your won tents,cooking for yourself and using the most readily available technique to answer nature’s call. If you get lost in the forest, you also have to learn how to get out by learning the position of stars and creeks.

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Fortunately, there is a concept of “GLAMPING” show up. Glamping means “Glamorous camping where someone does everything to make sure your crew is comfortable while camping.” As for what we say in Chinese, glamping means lazy camping. You just need to bring your clothes and prepare some food for barbecuing then you can have a wonderful camping experience without wasting any strength. Besides these, you can trade the muddy ground for a big soft bed, doesn’t it sound great? We’ve picked out 5 of the most famous glamping spots in Taiwan. Hope you enjoy your glamping!


Resource : Herb Zenden website

Resource : Herb Zenden Facebook

It’s the top glamping spot in Hsinchu. There is no herbicides be used in the park which makes it famous. Covering an area of ​​30,000 square feet, the place name here is derived from the Atayal, meaning the “hunting place”. It is rich in ecology since long time ago and has many famous conservation animals. You can decide different kinds of camping here. For glamping, luxurious camp will be provided in the park which can accomodate 4 to 5 people. No matter what kind of camping you choose, I bet you can have an unforgettable memory. 


Resource : IG@viviguei

Resource : Visual Hunt

CMP is a local aesthetics experiment plan in Miaoli which is based on the old-fashioned amusement park. The target of the plan is to fuse the local culture with life experiences and travelling. You can experience different kinds of art from variety artists in Taiwan. Through these arts, you can learn and understand about Taiwanese culture more. There are three kinds of tents there.


Resource : Vanaheim Facebook

Resource : Vanaheim Facebook

Tainan is a city full of Taiwanese culture, local delicacies and some amazing scenic spots. There is a village that located near the beach which makes it become famous. This is Vanaheim, a village which is love-themed. It’s really suitable for couples. Enjoy the atmosphere of love and experience the amazing camping. You can take a romantic walk at the beach when it’s sunset. During the night, you can get a well sleep under the starry sky in the tents. How wonderful! 


Resource : Tan A Camper Facebook

Resource : Tan A Camper Facebook

Talking about having a quick trip with beautiful scenery, Yilan must comes up in your mind. Plum Blossom Lake (Meihua Lake) in Dongshan county is a well known spot which is famous for its scenery and leisurely atmosphere. The most special feature of this campsite is that there is no tents, instead of there is camper. Actually, it’s quite difficult to find a camper in Taiwan unlike in your own country, so it’s quite an unique experience. If you are missing the camping experience in your hometown, enjoy the camper here. By the way, you can grab a cup of coffee near the camper. That cafe is a hot spot in Yilan.


Resource : Yen Liao Bed and Breakfast Facebook

Resource : Yen Liao Bed and Breakfast Facebook

Won’t you want to go camping in a city where you can run away form the hustle and bustle city and just enjoy the peace and spectacular view? Hualien is the city that fits all your needs. This place will give you the most unique camping experience. Why do I say that? Because Yen Liao bed and breakfast is located in Hualien where you can overlook the scenery of Pacific Ocean and Coastal Range. Besides the homestay, there is a trail leading to the summit that you can enjoy the sunrise and starry sky. It’s such a fantastic place that you can gather with your family and friends.

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