Local Dishes in Kaohsiung : Gourmets Near Sizihwan Station

If you have once been to Kaohsiung, you must can’t forget the beautiful scenery and wonderful dishes in Sizihwan. But do you know the history of Hamasen? Hamasen is one of the most important administrative districts in Japanese era. It is the origin of Kaohsiung Port. At that time, there were two coastal railways leading to commercial ports, fishing ports and other places. The prosperous streets drove the surrounding economy. It was called “Hamasen” and the name was used since then. 

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Due to the historical factors, and the position of nearing Zhongshan University and Xizihwan, this area has gathered a lot of local food which are cheap and delicious. This time, we walk deep into the lanes to discover these hidden gourmets. Hope we can find out some wonderful gourmets near the Sizihwan station.


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Actually, I don’t know how to name it in English. There is no store for this gourmet and it even doesn’t have a name. In Chinese, it’s called “DanBangJeng(蛋板捲)”. It’s the food created by the old vendor. Only egg, flour and sugar are added in this dish. The vendor will put them on the frying pan and make it as a roll. It tastes sweet and chewy but you better to have drink with this dessert. By the way, this dessert is really cheap! One for only NT$10! The price really shocks me!


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This is a shop that sales variety kinds of tea and it’s quite famous in this area. Each kind of tea are chosen carefully by the vendor. What we try is Mongolian milk tea. Using Pu’er tea as the base, the milk tea tastes quite different but delicious. You can add pearl for free! Pearl is always fitted with milk tea!

STINKY TOFU(in front of Dai Tien Kung)

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There are some vendors in front of Dai Tien Kung. Among these delicacies, there is a store sells stinky tofu for decades. Even though it doesn’t have a name, it has become one of the favorite food for locals and you always have to wait in line for this gourmet. The stinky tofu tastes really amazing with Chinese kimchi and sauce. I bet you’ll miss it after you try it.


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It has a cute name in Chinese called “Yuè jiàn táng(月見糖)” which means that the shape of it seems like the moon! This sweet dessert is Taiwanese traditional snack. The vendor will cut the potatoes into small pieces and mix them with maltose. This snack is really really sweet, so the vendor will provide sugar-free wheat tea for customers. If you want to try some Taiwanese snack, you can try some sweet potatoes!

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