TAIPEI| Airplane Lane : How Astonished!Let’s Chasing the Plane!

If you have once been here, you’ll find that there is always some people gathering, holding the camera and looking up to the sky. They are waiting for a moment, a moment that can let them take a wonderful photo. It’s the place that near the airport. Variety kinds of planes take off and land everyday. People who like airplanes will come here and take photos. They will wait for the planes taking off, so that the photos give people a sense of shock. These kinds of pictures always catch people eyes on the internet or Instagram with beautiful words.

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This place is called the “Airplane Lane” and is also named as the “No.10 track”. It nears Songshan Airport which can make people easily and clearly watch the planes taking off and landing. Though it’s a really HOT spot for watching the astonished view of planes and Taipei 101, it’s going to be closed this November. Due to the safety consideration, the government decides to close this place and reconstruct it. There will be a new “Airplane Lane” next year. Even it will be more safety for pedestrians and visitors, people will no longer gather together for chasing the shocking views of planes.

Travel Info
Airplane Lane
[飛機巷/Fēijī xiàng
-Located in:
Northern Taiwan
Scenic Spot
-Highly recommend to:
Outdoor Activities Enthusiasts, Airplane Enthusiasts

-Address:Ln. 180, Binjiang St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan


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