TAITUNG|Railway Art Village:A Famous Art Spot in Taitung

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The old Taitung train station and train line has been gentrified into a lovely wooden walking track and cultural space. Come summer, this place transforms into a craft market and hosts music concerts at the Tiehua Music Village within.After the South Link Line was open to vehicular traffic, the volume of freight and passengers was too large more than what Taitung old station could handle. Thus it was faced with the fate of abolishment as the new station was under construction. In order to preserve the significantly meaningful old railway over the past 80 years, Taitung Railway Art Village is thus established to keep memories of railway culture.

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Resourse: Taitung Travel

This art village maintains the original appearance of the railway bureau at that time, having the nation’s only triangle turnaround loop and Kuanghua Express. There are five rustic warehouses. Most of them were rented by public agencies or private freight companies to store food, fertilizer, tobacco, alcohol or other goods. Nowadays, this three warehouses have different functions.The 253 warehouse is a creative space for artists in the village, a multi-functional art classroom, a conference venue and a showroom for the exhibition of works. It is open to the public on a regular basis. The 261 warehouse is the main exhibition venue for modern art and offers works by artists from all over the world. The 275 warehouse is a full-wood warehouse.It presents a special and interesting transparent semi-outdoor building form, which combines outdoor with art exhibition.

Resourse: Taitung Travel

In the porch, there are modern installation artistic works and old-fashioned railroad reflecting each other.Moreover,visitors can also cycle around the village as there is a very well-established bike trail. Rail enthusiasts and photography lovers shall never miss here.

Travel Info
Taitung Railway Art Village 
[台東鐵道藝術村 /tái dōng tiě dào yì shù cūn]
-Located in:Eastern Taiwan

-County:Taitung County
-Features:Arts and park facilities
-Highly recommend to:Arts enthusiasts 
No. 26, Lane 135, Xinsheng Road, Taitung City, Taitung County

Thanks to Taitung Travel for the content sharing.

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