CHANGHUA|Clams Barracks:Nostalgic Abandoned Barracks in Taiwan

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Xianxi in Changhua was once garrisoned in the early days. The squatting farm of clams were the remaining of the veterans. These 11 red block constructions were made in clams which gave its name. As time changed, it has become ruin. As for now, it’s a hot spot for photographing.

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In the 1960s, in order to resettle the retired military personnel who came to Taiwan, the retreat association chose to set up a “squatting farm” in Xianxi in Changhua. So that the retired personnel could take care of themselves. To solve their living problems, a large number of military camps were built. Due to the development of the industrial zone and Xibin highway, the original squatting farm lost its function of protecting the coastline. The veterans gradually moved away, making the lively barracks ruined. 

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Though there isn’t any veterans and clams left, you can still immerse yourself in the historical atmosphere along the red brick road which is surrounded by ruined houses. The appearance so broken that it becomes a hot spot in Taiwan recent years. If you would like to enjoy and learn about Taiwanese history, here can be your choice!

Travel Info
Clams Barracks
[蛤蜊兵營/Gélí bīngyíng
-Located in:
Central Taiwan
Historical Remains
-Highly recommend to:
Outdoor Activities Enthusiasts, Historical Enthusiasts

-Address:No. 101, Ln. 326, Sect. 3, Central Rd., Xianxi Township, Changhua County, Taiwan


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