TAICHUNG|National Taichung Theater:A Charming Stage Which Is Truly Blessed

Located in Taichung City, National Taichung Theater is not just a building that houses the opera, the entire architecture itself is an opera. Avant-garde and unique, it is the first time feeling when I saw her. National Taichung Theater is the building that is the most difficult one to construct in the world, and it is the ninth new landmark in the world designed by the Japanese architect Toyo Ito and completed by the Taiwan team.

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“One can feel the flow of air, sound and light not only in the foyer,
but within the restaurant, sky garden and everywhere else in the building.
One feels overwhelmed by the grandeur of a cosmic brilliance coming out of the architecture.”

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The architect of National Taichung Theater, Toyo Ito, has once said:”If we look at the world like a river, then constructing a building is generally just like plunging a wooden stake into a river. The stake enters but has no relationship to the flow. Instead, I prefer my projects to resemble a whirlpool, possessing its own space, but simultaneously completely integrated into the river’s currents.” 

He says, “A good design allows a person to feel their own freedom within them.” In this enigmatic cave space, you can be drawn in by the natural light, as well as the sounds and images of wind and water that compose this cozy environment. Every surface of this building is intertwined, flowing from this venue, to the rooftop garden, to the culture store, to the dining area, etc.

Resource : National Taichung Theater

The National Taichung Theater is a new type of construction project, utilizing 3D curved surfaces and a natural flow of space. This is a place where an abstract concept has become reality. The design uses simple horizontal and perpendicular variations to create a changed space, where hard, artificial lines have been replaced with an organically flowing and flexible system. Varying sizes of grids layered on top of each other compose this cavernous theater space.

Resource : National Taichung Theater

On the buildiing’s exterior, you can see many light blue circles. Like air holes allowing the theater to breathe during the day, the rays of light allow natural warmth and light to pour in. At night, yellow light permeates the environment of the theater inside and out – a truly distinct atmosphere. To promote energy efficiency, our facilities employ unique air control and heat dispersion technology. The building’s surfaces are integrated with air conditioning, which during daylight hours adjusts its settings to the number of patrons in the theater to maintain a cozy environment, with air circulating up from the ground floor.

Resource : National Taichung Theater

“The National Taichung Theater is truly blessed.
Within this perfect building there are three custom-designed theaters and a multifunctional space-
The Corner Salon. And including the outdoor plaza, the outdoor theater, and the sky garden,
this entire theater, inside to out, top to bottom, is a charming stage.”

Resource : National Taichung Theater

There are four theaters in the National Taichung Theater. The Grand Theater is a large, warm space that gracefully invites its audience to be moved together. The Playhouse is decorated in ocean blue and is a flexible, multifaceted space. The Black Box is located in the basement second floor with fixed space for 200 audience members and a free-form construction allowing for all types of experimental theater performances. As for the outdoor theater, covering 1000 square meters, the theater in the round design is overflowing with romance. With the surrounding transplanted trees, it becomes the very definition of a natural space. And with its link to the Black Box, it becomes a one-of-a-kind creative performance stage.

Resource : National Taichung Theater

There is a sky garden in the sixth floor which is one of my favorite places here. This sixth floor venue is accessible via elevator and staircase. Just like entering a different world. The space is perfect for outdoor concerts and outdoor screenings.

As soon as I stepped into the building, I fell in love with this environment, not just the design, but the unique atmosphere. There is no 90-degree wall in the building which astonished me. It seems that you can feel the emotions of others. At the same time, you can find your own space that belongs to you only in this vast world. It is somewhere solitude, but you can also make communication here. Breaking the barriers of indifference and being so naturally is the greatness of this amazing building. 

Travel Info
National Taichung Theater
[臺中國家歌劇院/Táizhōng guójiā gējù yuàn
-Located in:
Central Taiwan
Opera, Theater, Construction
-Highly recommend to:
Indoor Activities Enthusiasts, Families, Hipsters
-Opening Hours:11:30-21:00(From Sun. to Thu.)/11:30-22:00(From Fri. to Sat. and Holidays)
-Address:No. 101, Sect. 2, Huilai Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan

Thanks to National Taichung Theater for the content sharing. 

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