Let’s Cool Off!Top 7 COOLEST Places in NORTHERN TAIWAN During Summer in 2018

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What will come up first in your mind when you think of Taiwan? Heat? Sun? Humidity? or Cool? Mountainous ranges? and Drizzly weather? If you come to Taiwan in summer, between the months of June and Septembers, you’ll find that Taiwan is a place where sunshine and humidity are at their maximum. Once you leave your house, the heat beats you all the time. Since the summer vacation is so long that you won’t want to be cowed by the weather, ReadyGo found 12 places that you can beat the heat and have a lot of fun!

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The origin of the name Longdong (dragon’s cave) comes from the shape of the region’s coastline, similar to the shape of a dragon lying down. There are variety of outdoor activities you can try here, listening to waves, admiring scenery, swimming, snorkeling, eco-watching, rock climbing and hiking. There is a place nearby Longdong which I must introduce, Longdong South Ocean Park(Longdong Four Seasons Bay). Covers 16 hectares of land, Longdong Four Seasons Bay is the first multi-functional outdoor educational center in Taiwan that brings a yacht harbor and seawater swimming pools together. Every summer, visitors who loves the ocean will come here and have fun. It’s a nice place for diving.

▸GUIFEI POOL(Noble Consort Pool)


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With the cold spring water and the towering shades of trees, the Guifei Pool in New Taipei City is definitely the place for the hot summer!  In Chinese, Guifei means the noble consort. Since the pool here is like a natural large bath tub which is used by noble consorts, makes it has the name of Guifei Pool. The stream is clear and there are many fish and shrimps in the water. In addition to avoid from the heat, you can relive the fun of childhood here! By the way, the stones in the poor are very slippery, so be sure to pay attention to safety when having fun!



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The waterfall trail is about 2.71 kilometers long. Due to its low difficulty and varied paths, it has become one of the popular hiking routes in New Taipei City. After exiting from Sandiaoling station, go along the railway and you will see the entrance. There are three layers of waterfalls along the way, including the Hegu waterfall with the largest drop and the largest amount of water, as well as the Ferris waterfall(also known as Yuimei Cave waterfall) and the Pipadong waterfall. The visitors can enjoy the spectacular waterfalls, cliffs and cave landscape.



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Located in Sanxia, Yunsen waterfall gives people an imagination of the mystery in the remote mountains. There is a Chinese poetry, and there is a sentence said「雲深不知處」which translates in English means” Way deep in the clouds somewhere.” I think it might be the image of Yunsen waterfall. The trail is smooth and charming. It only takes an hour for walking through.



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Hiding in the Ruifang mountain area, Xiaozhuilu trail is knwon as the secret fallen place of Ruifang. It is a long-distance water pipeline that crosses the half-mountain cliff. Because it looks like the cliff view of the Toroko Zhuilu trail, it has the name. Continue walking along the road, the scenery along the way is charming, and the landscape if Xiaogui waterfall is more amazing. The crystal clear waters and beautiful scenery attracts people visit. However, the water condition of the cliff water pipeline behind the waterfall is steep, so remember to pay attention to safety.



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Laomei cold spring has abundant water and the scenery of deep pool under the waterfall is beautiful which fascinates people. The Laomei creek preserves the intact original forest, making it a favorite place for many photographers. Soaking in the cold spring in the summer afternoon is a great enjoyment! Not only for playing with water, the maples here in the winter is wonderful. Walking alone the river trail just like having a trip in Japan! Isn’t it amazing?



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If you are interested in Taiwanese aborigines, there is a tribe you must visit! Tranan tribe in Wulai is like a paradise in the mountain which is well known for its pristine and original mountain scenery. The murals and sculptures are everywhere in the tribe, showing the life, belief and culture of the Atayal. There is a large Roland creek near the tribe. The valley is rich in fisheries, and the beauty of the valley is amazing. There is a water mill from the Great Roland Creek in the tribe which now becomes a paradise for ragonflies, butterflies, frogs and environmental plants in the valley. There is a trail in the tribe which is flat and comfortable. If you want to cool off and learn something, it’s a good choice to experience tribal culture!

Don’t hesitate! Grab your backpack, let’s cool off in these breathtaking places and discover the beauty of Taiwan!

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