Blooming Season of Orange Daylilies!Other AMAZING Places in Hualien Fuli!

Located in the fertile valley of the water source, Fuli is a typical rural type tribe, an important town of Hualien. A  few hours south of Taipei driving wise, but believe me, it is so worth the trek. In addition to the development of agriculture, the beautiful natural ecological landscape has also gradually promoted the tourism industry. The most famous orange daylilies season in the year attracts a large number of people to come to Hualien. It’s quite interesting to appreciate these beautiful flowers, but what else can you play around in Fuli? Take a look about this article, then you’ll find that Fuli is out of your imagination. Let us enrich your trip!

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This is absolutely a must-travel to, especially during blooming season. You can only use the word “BREATHTAKING” to describe the view you saw. Fields and fields, rows and rows or colorful tiger lilies with the incredibly blue blue sky and fluffy clouds in the background. It is just simply amazing. Something about the tranquility and peacefulness of being on the top of the mountain surrounded by nature’s incredibly beautiful landscapes. It is just breathtaking. The blooming season begins from August to September. During the season, Wangyou pavilion will be the hottest place in the mountain, because you can view the most amazing scenery of Lioshihdan. Besides the blooming flowers, the night view is astonishing, too.

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After enjoy the beautiful view of orange daylilies, you must want to have an orange daylilies meal. There is a restaurant which is also a homestay located in Lioshihdan mountain. In this retaurant, you can enjoy the meal with orange daylilies in different cooking way. It’s the feature of Lioshihdan. You won’t have the opportunity to have this special meal in other places!


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Taking Yuli Railway Station as the starting point, along the old railway crossing the Xiugutun Creek, all the way to the south to the old Dongli Railway Station. The entire 10-km special bicycle lane is paved and flat, and the marking lines are complete. The coolest part of this bikeway is that it goess over a “rising bridge”, a geological site that’s the only one of its kind in the world. The bridge acoss from the Eurasian plate to  Philippine sea plate. The  ground here rises about 2 centimeters each year, that’s why it’s called the “rising bridge”. The bikeway has been modified from the old railway line. With a very gentle slope, it’s very safe and comfortable to bike here. You can enjoy the beautiful field landscape along the way.


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Luoshan organic village is a vast natural park with both natural landscapes and humanities. Waterfalls ,fish ponds and mud volcanoes are the three key points in this park. Luoshan waterfall is about 120 metes high, which is the life source of Luoshan organic village. It’s very spectacular when seeing the water fall from a height. The mud volcano near the waterfall is a salty mud from the ground, which is a rare natural spot. After the renovation of the fish pond in the village in recent years, the park is full of vigor. New recreational trails and other facilities have been built and the pond did gestate many lives, this pond brings the park another view.


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Xiaotianxiang has no obvious indicator. It is about 7K in Fudong Highway. The terrain of the canyon is like the scaled version of Taroko, so it has the title of “Xiaotianxiang”. n addition to the magnificent canyon scenery, the local industrial roads can be swayed in the footsteps. The scenery along the way is beautiful, which is a good choice for holiday recreation. At the entrance of XiaoTianxiang, it is the assembly hall of the Ami people in Fengnan Village. The annual festival of the harvest is held every summer and autumn season. It is the most lively aboriginal activity in Fuli.

As we all know, Hualien is famous for its natural scenery. By the chance of blooming season, it’s really good to make a short trip in Fuli. You must love this town after you visit. Hope you enjoy your vacation in this amazing town!

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