CHIAYI|Tefuye Trail : The Misty Forest with Nostalgic Old Railway

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Located in Alishan township, Tefuye trail is a 6.32-kilometer long trail from Zhihzhong of Xinzhongheng Road. It takes about 4 hours to walk through the trail. In the early days, it was once the old hunting trail of Taiwanese aborigine, Tsou. As the time that Taiwan was ruled by the Japanese, Tefuye trail was built as the railway due to its abundant red carp and cypress. Japanese then used this railway to transport the rich wood resources. Though the railway is discarded now, the old tracks, plank roads and trestles are still left for future generations to remember the lively scene of steam trains running in the mountains. 

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In 2001, Chiayi Forest District Office built the trail into a stepped walkway with gravel and sleeper paving, and retained some of the old railway pavement sleepers and trestles, which is the biggest feature of the trail. Tefuye trail is rich in ecology along the way. The first half of the trail is gentle, with the cedars surrounded by mountains and valleys. The other half of the trail is a steep slope. The broad-leaved forests along the road are accompanied by thick greens. 

The landscape is very varied throughout the year and is beautiful and charming. It is a good place for outdoor activities and birds watching. 

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Travel Info
Tefuye Trail
[特富野古道/Tè fùyě gǔdào
-Located in:
Southern Taiwan
Scenic Spots, Natural Landscape, Old Railway
-Highly recommend to:
Outdoor Activities Enthusiasts, Hikers, Historical Enthusiasts

-Address:Alishan Highway, Alishan Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan


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