New Taipei City|Danshuei River : Mangrove Nature Reserve Area

Located quite near the Hongshulin MRT station (the station just before the Tamsui Terminus) is the Hongshulin mangrove swamp, the largest area of homogenous mangrove swamp of a type called shuibitzai ; kandelia candel in Chinese. This type of mangrove, which is usually found in estuaries, has adapted to the salty waters that wash in with the tides. 

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Resource: Forestry Bureau

This fascinating environment is also full of riverside birds, such as egrets and snipes and there are over 30 kinds of crabs in the area. The best way of getting into the swamp is via the Mangrove Conservation Area which is located on Lane 50 of Waiganjenlin south of the Hongshulin MRT Station. On the second floor of the station is the Mangrove Swamp Exhibition Center where visitors can gain an understanding of the special ecology of the swamps.source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportasion and Communication.



Found at the convergence Danshui and Keelung River, in the neighborhood of Chuwei section, lot of Kandelia obovata can be seen, a rare mangrove forest. It is what we call the red forest plant, usually located between the crossing of fresh and salt waters. Alongside, are of crabs, fishes, shrimps, and aquatic birds, forming marshland ecosystems. In the past, since there were no preventive measures, it was oftentimes occupied illegally, and there was even dumping of trash, and soil creating caused serious deterioration of water quality deterioration and so as the eco-environment. 

|An Introduction

The area is near sea with strong winds, with annual average temperature at 22.2℃. The altitude above sea level is 0-10 m, and there is no apparent drought. The population of Shuei-bi-zhai amounts of 53% of the area, others categories include Clerodendrum inerme (L.) Gaertn, reed type, Cogongrass type, and Sporbolus hancei. And according to investigation, a total of 11 families & 21 species of Vascular bundle plants like chrysanthemum, orchards, rattan, apricot, etc can be found, most grown saline or tidal land.

|Biological Resources

Mangrove forest vegetations:
Only shuei-bi-zhai (Kandelia obovata) grows in marshland outside of the embankment. Reed is the accompany plant, which can be found and at the marshland outside the embankment, while congon grass can be found within. Other greenery is reed, millets, cattails, and cyperus malaccenis lam.

Species of birds:
The environment is for growth of life, plenty of fishes and invertebrates are found attracted to it. Lots of migratory birds visit the area, as man as more than like snipes, kingfishers, egrets, and etc can be found.

Wetlands near the embankment have the largest population of crab.

Beneath the embankment after passing the bridge, one can find traces of mudskippers.

Travel Info
Danshuei River Mangrove Nature Reserve
Dànshuǐ hóng shùlín bǎohù qū]
-Located in:
North Taiwan
Nature Reserve Area
-Highly recommend to:
Nature Lovers

-Address:Tamsui District, New Taipei, Taiwan


Thanks to Forestry Bureau for the content sharing.

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