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If there is a place can make you be cooped up all day long in an air-conditioned room, without leaving the city, and you can see a lot of interesting exhibitions at the same time. Isn’t it attractive?

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| White blocks next to Zhong Shan N. Road

Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) was founded in 1983, as Taiwan’s first museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art, and the official art museum of the capital city.The architecture is infused with elements borrowed from traditional Chinese architecture, which are presented via the structure of piled brackets in the form of suspended corridors, that, together, form a tubular-shaped composition. This tube-shape is identical to the Chinese character for ‘fountain’, hence fostering the museum’s analogue as a live source of culture.

Resource: Taipei Fine Arts Museum

| Grand windows have a sense of design

Symmetrical and suspended gallery spaces are spread on each floor to form a new space in which visitors can view and appreciate art. The grand windows allow visitors inside of the museum to take in the beauteous views that overlook Yuan Shan,Fine Arts Park Area and the surrounding environments. Zhong Shan N. Road, generally known as ‘national road’ and the usual route taken by foreign leaders who enter and exit the country, extends to the museum’s left.

Resource: Taipei Fine Arts Museum

| Special Exhibition:Taipei Biennial

Held every two years to promote contemporary art within a global perspective, Taipei Biennial is one of the most pivotal international exhibitions organized by TFAM. As one of Asia’s longest running biennials, Taiwan’s contemporary art has experienced rapid growth and increasing internationalization in the last two decades with the biennial trend gaining traction worldwide. Widespread observation and critique of post-colonial positionality has been the focal point of various sectors of regional and international art scenes.

Taipei Biennial 2016 marks the tenth in the series since the Biennial began in 1998, bearing witness to nearly 20 years of transmutation and narrative transformation in a global and geo-cultural context. Taipei Biennial 2016 aims to construct a uniquely pan-Asian and Taiwan-specific vision to promote exchanges in local and international art fields, in the hope of developing the unique, transforming, and fluctuating role of the Taipei Biennial in the midst of a global deluge of biennials.

Resourse: Taipei FIne Arts Museum

Lastly,The basement G area comprises Children’s Art Education Centeran,an art library, an auditorium, a bookstore and a food and beverage section. This area enhances the visitor’s experiences by providing a place for reading, access to information, attending lectures and specific classes, watching movies and of course short rests as well as food and drinks.

Travel Info
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Táiběi shìlì měishùguǎn]
-Located in:
North Taiwan
-Highly recommend to:
Art Enthusiasts

-Address:No.181, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 10461,Taiwan


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