4 Must-Go Spots in Kenting : Places You Won’t Want to Miss

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How much do you know about Kenting in Taiwan? Just the movie Cape No.7 of director Wei? The astonished scenery of endless ocean and beach? The hustle of Kenting main street(Kenting night market)? Besides these, there are still many hot spots you could arrange in your travelling. ReadyGo wants to recommend you 4 MUST-GO spots, these are the places you won’t wanna miss in Kenting.

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▸Wanluan Suspension Bridge


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When you travel to Kenting, there is a small township you may pass first, Wanluan. The most famous things of Wanluan is its Pig Knuckle. The tasty Wanluan Pig Knuckle is really famous that people are willing to wait in line. Besides the delicay, Wanluan Suspension Bridge is also well-known. Decorated by 3D painting makes it be the first 3D painting bridge in Taiwan. You can see dinosaurs, sharks, cliffs, waterfalls,etc. here. It seems to be very dangerous, but actually it’s safe. It’s really fun to interact with the floor on the bridge.

Address|Donggang creek, Liuhuang village, Wanluan Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan

▸Valley Glaze Bridge


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Connecting two aboriginal villages, Valley Glaze Bridge is a suspension bridge over a valley that decorated by colorful glaze from Rukai and Paiwan and the patterns of Deinagkistrodon acutus(Chinese Moccasin). The length of the bridge is about 262 meters. The view in day is beautiful, because you can deeply experience the aboriginal culture of Taiwan with amazing scenery of mountains and river. The scenery at night is also wonderful. Projection mapping is showed at night. You can understanding their story with the sparkling lights.

Opening Hours|Weekday 09:00-16:00(Closed on Mon.)/Weekend 09:00-17:00
Address|No. 56, Sect. 1, Zhongzheng Rd., Sandimen Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan

▸National Museum of Marine Biology


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With the theme of marine, the museum covers a large area and is divided into three exhibition halls: Water of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom Pavilion and Water of the World. It’s the must-go spot in the graduation trip of Taiwanese student. In front of the halls are 2 water square, you can take a rest and have fun there. After entering the Coral Kingdom Pavilion, you may dive slowly around the enormous cylindrical tanks, and continue on to partake in an 80 meter underwater tunnel tour to explore the amazing undersea scenery. The most interesting activity here is “Sleep overnight”. Just like what comes up in your mind! You can sleep beside the fish tanks. If you are lucky, you can also see the beluga. Before going to bed, professional guides will lead you to know the story of this museum. You may go upstairs to the feeding area, see the working space, and feed marine life by yourself. There are also special activities for visitors, intertidal zone observation, extra Open Ocean feeding show and breakfast time for beluga. Sounds interesting right?

Opening Hours|Weekday 09:00-17:30
Opening Hours|In Jul. and Aug., weekday 09:00-18:00/weekend 08:00-18:00

Tickets|NT$450 for adult, NT$250 for children under 6 and free for under 3
Sleepover|NT$2,380 for adult, NT$1,090 
for children under 6, and free for under 3 
Address|NO.2 Houwan Rd., Checheng Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan

▸Paradise of deer

Resource : Paradise of deer

If you understand Taiwan well, then you must know that how important of Sika deer to Taiwan. Actually, you can see them on 500 new Taiwan dollar. When mention about Sika deer, it must be Osaka in Japan. Well, there is a paradise of deer you can visit these cute animal in Taiwan. There are some deer in the paradise of deer in Pingtung. Unlike the deer in Osaka, which will chase you and grab your crackers, the deer here is tame. You can totally enjoy the time feeding them here. The boss hopes that the pattern here can be a demonstration of the balance between people and animals. They hope everyone can get along well with these lovely and amiable animals.

Opening Hours|09:00-18:00(Closed on the eve of Chinese new year)
Tickets|NT$200 for adult, NT$50 for children under 12 and free for under 6
Address|NO.1097-1 Henggong Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan

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