Let’s Travel Around Taiwan!Top 8 Amazing Highway in Taiwan

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As we all know, Taiwan is surrounded by spectacular scenery. Every year, some of the people would put “Travel around Taiwan” on their traveling list. There are hundreds of highway in Taiwan which you can see while traveling around Taiwan. Let’s take a look of top 8 amazing highway in Taiwan.

▸Taichung|Blue Road

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This road was discovered by the bicyclists. It’s an important road to go to DaDu. The total length is 3.5 km. When passes by at night, there will be blue lights accompanied by. With panoramic view, it becomes one of the favorite places for photographers.

▸Taichung|Night Scenery of Chinese Cupid

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This place is famous for the temple of Chinese Cupid, as you can see by its name. Due to the fantastic view of Taichung port, GaoMei wetlands and the highway, it becomes one of the hottest Facebook and Instagram check-in places in Taiwan.

▸Nantou|JunDa Forest Road

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Since the Forestry Bureau removed the control of JunDa mountain, it has become popular for hiking. Known as the Foggy Forest, the JunDa forest road is both dangerous and beautiful. Walking on this road is like walking into the fantasy world. The forest is shrouded by the fog along the way. Although the road is rugged and bumpy, people still loves to challenge it because of its ancient-road like scenery.

▸Nantou|Hehuan mountain Highway

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Hehuan mountain Highway is also the highest highway in East-Asia. When riding on this road, you can admire the grandeur and domineering of the Central Mt. If you come in winter, it’s another kind of view that the mountain will be covered by the white snow. No matter when to come, it’s the worthy visiting highway in Taiwan.

▸Taitung|South-Link Highway(Route 9)

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We all know that Taitung is famous for its campaign view of Pacific ocean and mountain. People come to Taitung mostly search for the casualty and therapeutic scenery. If this is your travel target, then you can’t miss South-Link Highway. This is the hottest highway among the bicyclists. The length of 500 km makes it the longest highway in Taiwan. 

▸Taitung|Route 9(Guanshan to Luye)

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Besides the view, the straightest highway in Taiwan is also in Route 9. The total length of the straightest is about 14.5 km from Guanshan to Luye. The view is quite different from traveling to north and to south.

▸Taitung|Tai Ma Li

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What you can’t miss when you travel to Taitung is the beautiful scenery along the highway. When talk about Tai Ma Li, it is definitely the amazing scenery of the Gonglu road. It’s also called as the Taiwan version of the famous part in the theme song of Slam Dunk. Looking from the level crossing, you can see the charming view of the blue sea. 

▸Taipei|Zhonghu Road of Armaments

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Zhonghu Road of Armaments is also the bicyclists’ favorite. The layers of mountains and peaks are intertwined with light and shadow to form a special scene along the road. If you are riding to Datun mountain, you will be able to see the fantastic view of the hairpin bend. Because of the beautiful scenery, this place has become one of the hottest place for wedding photography.

Editor : Lemon@ReadyGo
Thanks to Lijie(@seed302811) for photos sharing.

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