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For most of the people living in cities, escaping from skyscrapers or the hustle and bustle is part of their weekly routines. Taitung is located in eastern Taiwan, embracing pacific ocean  in the front and gets the hugest Center Mountain in its’ back. With spectacular ocean views, “Not so developed and not so crowded” is also the advantage of this beautiful county. So no matter you are a beach lover or water sports enthusiasts, Taitung is a pretty nice choice to pick.

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Hotel CUBE operates a brand new B&B-type accommodation here in Taitung located on the national highway No.11. It’s a single house right next to the beach. Before arriving, you could definitely enjoy a chill road trip from other places with the spacious natural environment, gorgeous view, and fresh air,…etc.

Stepped into the B&B, the creature which welcomed us was not even a human but a cute dog kept by the housekeeper! The decoration in the ground floor is simple but graceful. And the thing my friends and I cannot forget the most was the nice fragrance throughout the whole 4-floor building! From this case, you can probably see how much Hotel CUBE Taitung B&B focus on providing high quality traveler experience.

The room we stayed in was a quad room with warm color decorations. There was a pretty spacious and comfortable place placing two queen beds, the other side was kind of a leisure corner for TV watching.

This is my second time choosing accommodation run by Hotel CUBE group to stay in. As usual, two things I wanted to emphasize were their beds and pillows! So comfortable that my friends and I were all on the same page about the experience. The housekeeper said that the bed were customized with 6 layers inside the mattress and there’s no way to get a same one on the markets!  

The room we stayed was equipped with a fantastic balcony which affords you gorgeous views from sunrise to sunset. This space is definitely my favorite part in this trip!

Right outside the window was the ocean view, so we enjoyed the amazing sunrise in our beds at 5:00 o’clock in the morning. Too relaxing, wasn’t it?

Time for breakfast! You can fix a time with the housekeeper when you check in, and then go downstairs at that time next day(after the sunrise show) to enjoy it.

A set of homemade breakfast for each person including salad, french fries, toast, and sausages…etc. Menu could be different decided by the housekeeper. So yum!

If you have spare time, the housekeeper will be willing to show you another spaces in this building. For example, the view from top or different styles of rooms. They all look pretty nice and I wish I’ll have chance to come back again!

The last surprise from Hotel CUBE Taitung B&B was the private beach right back! If you don’t want to be bothered by the crowds when going to beach in Taitung, you’d better book this B&B asap.

Travel Info
Hotel Cube
默砌旅店[Mò qì lǚdiàn]
-Address:No. 5, Wushi Nai 42, Ningpu Village, Changbin Township, Taitung City

-Booking website:

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