TAIPEI | Taipei Astronomical Museum : A Place in the Universe

Updated 2018-07-16

Although Taiwan don’t have an active space agency,there is a place provides a fun and comprehensive overview of humanity’s race to the stars.The Taipei Astronomical Museum is the place to go in Taipei to learn more about the mysteries of the universe.

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Resource: Travel Taipei

The museum boasts Asia’s biggest planetarium. Housed under a striking 35-meter diameter golden dome, the planetarium can seat 325 people and performs its wizardry over a 180-degree semicircular screen with the help of an IMAX projector and ZEISS planetarium system. Seats are inclined at 25~30 degrees to make you feel as if you are up with the stars.

Resource: Travel Taipei

First floor displays introduce ancient astronomy, the Earth, and space and science technologies. On the second floor, visitors can learn more about celestial spheres and constellations and the solar system. And telescopes, observatories the exhibits on the stars, the Milky Way and galaxies are located on the third floor. PDA guide services are also available.

Though a good place to while away an hour, there is a dearth of English-language content. More English-friendly attractions (at an extra charge) are the IMAX and 3D theatres.For a fun learning experience, the Taipei Astronomical Museum and nearby National Taiwan Science Education Center are nice choices for visitors to Shilin District.

Travel Info
Taipei Astronomical Museum
Táiběi shìlì tiānwén jiàoyù guǎn]
-Located in:
North Taiwan
-Highly recommend to:
Art and Cultural Enthusiasts

-Address:No.363, Jihe Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Taiwan 


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