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Science isn’t boring.Boring lesson are!Kids always think science is boring.But don’t worry!Here is the place that you can make your kids find something funny on Science.
Established in 1956, the National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC) is the only national center for science education in the country. Originally located in Nanhai District on Nanhai Road, the NTSEC moved to its current address at No. 189, Shishang Rd., Shilin District in 2003.

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The National Taiwan Science Education Center is a great place to learn about science, regardless of your age. The center in loaded with high-tech facilities, including a computer classroom and robot education center on the basement level. Life science and natural science displays are located on the third and fourth floor; material science, math, and earth sciences displays are on the fifth and sixth floors along with the ‘SkyCycle,’ where visitors can ride a bike 20 meters up in the air. And special exhibits from around the world are hosted on the seventh and eight floors. 

Resource: Travel Taipei

The NTSEC also hosts the most up-to-date science exhibitions in collaboration with other international and domestic museums. In addition, the stimulating 3D Theater and the fun-filled Virtual Reality Theater keep you on the edge of your seat and expand your viewpoint, while the science library and fully-equipped science labs allow for hands-on experience in science, exploring more than just the theoretical base.The displays make learning about science fun.

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National Taiwan Science Education Center
Guólì táiwān kēxué jiàoyù guǎn]
-Located in:
North Taiwan
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Art and Culture Enthusiasts

N0.189 Shihshang Road, Shihlin, Taipei, Taiwan 


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