TAIPEI | Miniatures Museum : The Mini World Like Alice in Wonderland

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If you want to experence the mini world like Alice in Wonderland,there is the place you must go-Miniatures Museum.To step inside the Miniatures Museum is to feel as if you have grown into a giant, though in fact the world has just shrunken around you. This museum was founded by Lin Wen-jen and Lin Chin-mei, a married couple with a passion for small things. The Lins traveled the world to build up their impressive collection of fine miniatures. Works from Europe and America join local creations to present a lilliputian world big in wonder.

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Resource: Lonely Planet

Whimsical, wondrous and fantastically detailed are the creative works at this delightful private museum located in the basement of a nondescript tower block. On display are dozens of doll-house-sized replications of Western houses, castles, chalets, palaces and villages, as well as scenes from classic children’s stories such as Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland.

Most of them are pocket-sized works of art that can be observed slowly. It is possible to see more mini-details from another angle, so don’t rush to the end of this tour.Moreover, each exhibition has a theme, and it can be compared with the theme that it is going to talk about.Moreover, each exhibition has different theme, and it can be compared with the theme that it is going to talk about.It’s quite interesting!

Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy this place for within each structure is a whole world of tiny figures in costume, surrounded by their respective daily furnishings. The peeks into the living rooms and backstreets of 19th-century London alone are worth admission, as is the outstanding Japanese village, complete with blooming cherry blossoms. Curiously, the museum shop also sells miniature bottles of spirits. That’s the spirit!

Travel Info
Miniatures Museum
Xiùzhēn bówùguǎn]
-Located in:
North Taiwan
-Highly recommend to:
Art and Culture Enthusiasts

B1,96 Jianguo N. Rd. Sec.1,Taipei


Thanks to Lonely Planet for contents sharing.

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