New Taipei City|Remains of the 13 Levels : Pompeii in Taiwan

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If you like ruined series of attractions, then this place must be on your list, Remains of the 13 Levels. Gold has been a symbol of precious metals and wealth since ancient times. Since the discovery of a large amount of gold, sulfur, arsenic and copper ore in Shuiyudong, Jinguashi and Jiufen, it has continuously affected the development of the entire settlement and region. The bustling and ruined buildings that have been left behind by the times are covered by the silent growth of plants. Taking a trip in these places, you’ll find that you are entering an unrealistic world.

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Dubbed as “the Thirteen Levels”, the old copper refinery is also called “the Potala Palace of Mountain Mines” as it looks like a beautiful abandoned palace far away. Remains of the 13 Levels was once a refinery that processed ore to produce blister copper during the Japanese occupation. At one time, the output was so large that it won the reputation of “Asia’s No. 1 Precious Metal Mine”. It’s hard to imagine that how glorious it once was, just like the Pompeii in Italy. Though it became a ruined building, you can indeed understand the history of Jinguashi and Jiufen and experience the atmosphere of vicissitudes.

Travel Info
Remains of the 13 Levels
[十三層遺址/Shísān céng yízhǐ
-Located in:
Northern Taiwan
New Taipei City
Ruined Landscapes, Scenic Spots
-Highly recommend to:
Outdoors Enthusiasts

No. 89, 3 Qiche Rd., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan


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