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If you have once been to Taiwan, you must miss the gourmet in Taiwan’s night markets. Not only cheap but also delicious. There are several night markets well represented Taiwan. If you’ve been to Shilin night market in Taipei, then you can’t miss the Fengjia night market in Taichung.

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If you are planning to have a trip to Taichung, and want to make a gourmet trip in Fengjia night market, there is a hotel I will recommend. There are two reasons why HOTEL CUBE might be so popular among travelers. First is its location. HOTEL CUBE is located at the downtown area, which means there will be no noise just peace as you sleep. Sleeping quality is an important part in a traveling, and CUBE gives you a quite environment. Second is its convenience. Though it’s located at the downtown area, there’s no inconvenience for living. Only 5 minutes from the hotel to convenience store by walking. And it’s close to the most famous night market of Taichung, Fengjia night market, for about 10 minutes by walking. It takes only 10 minutes away from Chaoma Bus station and Taichung Bus station.

Get into the  building and you could take the elevator right away up to 5th floor where HOTEL CUBE is. There is only 8 floors of the building. The lobby is clear and bright. It looks quite comfortable at the first sight. There is a big shelf in the lobby which provides variety kinds of magazine and traveling information of Taiwan. You will get a travel map with a short introduction by the receptionist if you are interested in. Also, you can ask them to give you some suggestion about traveling. They are really kind to answer you. There is a reading area beside the lobby but it’s repaired by the time I went. It’s a pity because the area looks elegant and cozy just like the reading room in your house. 

After entering the room which we stayed, there was a pretty spacious and comfortable place placing a big one doubled bed. I like the design of the cube room, decorated by wooden pattern, the room is quite relaxed. There are tea bags and coffee provided. It was nice to see that the cups on the table were covered by paper lids for hygienic concern. The bathroom was also wide and clean. Completely prepared with all things customers might need. The thing which must be “high-lightened” is the rock tub in the bathroom. I like the tub which can release my exhaustion after a day. The bed and pillows are another reason I like this hotel. HOTEL CUBE provides pillows in middle thick type which makes you feel uncomfortable. As the bed, you can also feel your back supported well by the pocket-spring. 

There is a restaurant on the roof which turns into a bar counter at night. You can have a lazy and releasable night at the bar with cocktail and beautiful night scene. In the morning, breakfast will be served here. Different from the night, the day scene is awesome, too. The breakfast is buffet. There are more than 10 kinds of delicacies, bread, juice and coffee. 

They provide a service which I must highlighted in this stay, the shuttle for Fengjia night market. Scheduled pick-up service takes you to-and-fro Fengjia night market and the hotel so that you can enjoy one of a kind night market and food culture in Taichung. You need to make a reservation at the reception​ if you want this service. ​

Let’s take a short trip to Fengjia night market! You can see many recommended restaurants or food stands in this market written by bloggers online, such as Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice, Taiwanese noodles with bread, fried chicken, taro…, and so on. I just took Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice, Taiwanese noodles with bread and watermelon juice this time. They were cheap and delicious so that I still remember their taste. Hope you can create your own gourmet trip here!

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Hotel Cube
默砌旅店[Mò qì lǚdiàn]
No.51, Hanxiang N. St., Xitun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan

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