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If you ask, what’s the highest landmark in southern Taiwan? Most of the locals will mention of ”85 sky tower” in Kaohsiung city.The 85 sky tower is located in Lingya District, Kaohsiung. Where also gethers a lot of department stores, shopping malls, famous restaurants, or even night markets there. This district might be the most convenient part in Kaohsiung and it became highly recommended for tourists from other countries or counties to stay.

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These are why HOTEL CUBE is so popular among travelers. First, it’s located in the same station ”Sanduo Shopping District” as 85 Sky Tower. Just 5-10 mins walk that you can get to see this skyscraper landscape in person!

Second, the distance from Sanduo Shopping District Station to HOTEL CUBE only takes you 5 mins walk. Beside the hotel, you can enjoy the shopping district, Ziqiang Night Market, Kaohsiung central park, love river, The Pier-2 Art Center, and so on!

Third, though there are groups of hotels here, HOTEL CUBE “seems” like the newest and the most modern one among those accommodations.  It’s advertising board comes out more attractive than the others.

Get into the building and you could take the elevator right away up to 14th floor where HOTEL CUBE is. All interior design look quite new just at the first sight. There are reception and sofa area in the lobby, a comfortable place for waiting your travel partner. There’re also service like consultation about traveling in Kaohsiung. Even, you will get a travel map with a short introduction by the receptionist if you are interested in. It’s always nice to have locals pointing out recommended attractions near where we live, isn’t it?

After entering the quad room which we stayed, there was a pretty spacious and comfortable place placing two queen beds and one set of the sofa on the other side. So the room is definitely wide enough for travelers to feel relaxed or to have a yoga time(just kidding!).

The bathroom was also wide and clean. Completely prepared with all things customers might need. The thing which must be “high-lightened” in this stay was the pillow and the bed! HOTEL CUBE provides pillows in middle thick type which is able to support our neck but not too thick that make you feel uncomfortable. And the bed is the kind which people sometimes call the “Memory foam mattress”. These two things provided me a really good night!

The other thing needed to be highlighted is the breakfast. They served more than 10 kinds of delicacies, bread, juice, drinks and coffee. Beyond the average level of most hotels’ breakfast. Also, there were servants taking care of all customers’ needs, made everyone feel so much at home.

If you really consider night lives an important part in your travel schedule, then staying in HOTEL CUBE must not upset you. Under 15-min walk, there was Lingya(also called Ziqiang) night market where we got too much food to eat. You can see many recommended restaurants or food stands in this market written by bloggers online, such as Nangfong braised pork rice, handmade dumpling, sushi, chicken rice…, and so on.

There are rooms for 2-4 people with different decorations in HOTEL CUBE. Some of the rooms get a nice view from 14 level. But with the same comfortable pillow, bed and environment, everyone could have a nice experience.   

Travel Info
Hotel Cube
默砌旅店[Mò qì lǚdiàn]
No.63, Sanduo 4th Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

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