TAINAN|Zoujhen:Sunrise in Erliao’s Chalk Landscape

Erliao has a beautiful sunrise oblique light at the lowest elevation of Taiwan and a bamboo forest cloud and fog on the chalky terrain, forming a stunning image like the ink painting. The weather changes every other rainy day. During this time, from 2:00 to 7:00 in the morning, if the weather is fine, there is always crowded on the platform. By the way, it’s good to take photos during April to September.

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Erliao has always been a place of photography for sunrise in the summer. It is always full of tourists and photographers who wait for the sunrise before the sun shines. From the dark night to the sunrise, people keep waiting for the astonished scenery. Awakening the life of the whole forest, and spilling over every place in the chalk bamboo forest, the fascinating thing about the sunrise is that you never know what way she will appear today, and sometimes it is radiant and sometimes hazy.

Just like Chinese ink painting, the beautiful scenery worth everybody waiting for it .You must go there once in your life.

Travel Info
Erliao’s Chalk Landscape
[二寮觀日亭/Èr liáo guān rì tíng
-Located in:
South Taiwan
Nature Landscapes, Scenic Spots
-Highly recommend to:
Outdoors Enthusiasts
No. 31, Ganlin Vil. , Zuozhen Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan

Thanks to Tainan Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government for contents sharing.

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