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This time, I chose Taichung as my traveling place in Taiwan. There are lots of hotels, hostels, B&B in Taichung, it’s kind of a big work to choose a suitable hotel for me. I have always thought that a good place to rest will affect your journey, so it’s really a big issue to find places to stay. This time, I will recommend Sun Hao Hotel. It was an unforgettable memory in Sun Hao Hotel.

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I traveled to Taichung by city bus from Taipei. It took me 2.5 hours so when I arrived there, it almost be 1 pm. After finished my lunch, I went to the Sun Hao Hotel. I had great expectation on this hotel and it was absolutely better than my expectation. The outlook of Sun Hao is quite interesting. There are two rock lions in front of the door. In Chinese tradition, rock lions can help to protect the home and bring the happiness. It’s really cool to see them in front of the hotel. I must praise that their counter staff are really nice and helpful. When I came in, they did help me a lot in check-in. They also made a detailed introduction for me, included the surrounding and the facilities. They told me that there is a free parking lot which contains almost 90 spaces so if you drive here, you don’t need to worry about parking.

Sun Hao is located in the downtown of Taichung, at the intersection of Wenxin Rd and Shizheng Rd. It is nearby highway 74 and 3 minutes walk to the hotel from MRT station. Due to its location, it’s surrounded by many restaurants. Just only take 10 minutes, you can walk to Gongyi Rd(famous gourmet street) and Dadun Rd. If you want to go to Fengjia night market, it only takes 10 minutes by taxi. There are lots of  spots near Sun Hao Hotel, National opera house, Rainbow village, Luce memorial chapel, CMP block museum of Arts…etc. You can spend lots of time make a discovery. There is a Carrefour hypermarket just across the road form Sun Hao Hotel. If you first time come to Taiwan and want to buy something like instant noodles, Darlie toothpaste and pm0315 coffee/milk tea back home, Carrefour will be your choice. If you want to experience Taiwanese supermarket, there is a Taiwan Supermarket at the corner.

The facilities in Sun Hao hotel are awesome, too. There is coffee and cookies provided on the first floor. The coffee is Movenpick which astonished me. There is a internet section near the coffee machine, so people can use them. I saw many family brought their children using the computers there. There is a reading section in the business center. The sofa is quite soft that people can take a rest there with a cup of coffee. On the 3rd floor are restaurant and gym. There are a tiny gym in the hotel which also provides water and clean towel. I think it’s sweet. The restaurant is really big and the breakfast will be offered there. There is self-service laundry but I didn’t use it this time.

My room is on the 16th floor. It’s the top floor so the view is quite beautiful. I like their big window. When I get out of the elevator, the lighting is sufficient. I lived in the classic room. The room is bigger than my imagination, it’s about 40 square meters. There is an one doubled bed(240*200 cm) and a single sofa in the room. The room is colored in light red, light gray and rattan, it’s quite cozy just like home. There are free coffee bags, tea bags and mineral water provided, I like it. The bathroom is quite big and the showering room is separated, I’m really pleased of this! The staff told me that if you have a baby, there are crib, baby bath tub and crib bumper ordered by reservation. I like this room not only for its big area, but the quality. This hotel did a very good job on soundproofing. With the elastic bed and soft pillows, I had a really really great night here.

There are also other kinds of rooms. For standard twin room, there are two single beds(120*200cm). For luxuary roomm, there are 2 double beds. If you are come as a family with little children, luxury room will be suitable. The area is 18 pings so children can play in the room. There is a bathtub in some luxury room, you can make a check when you make a booking.

The breakfast of buffet astonished me again. There are variety kind of choice. For Chinese breakfast, there are amaranth congee and fried rice with quinoa. The rice here is planted by the boss which is called San Hao rice. I like the congee with side dishes like sliced bamboo shoot, pork floss, gluten, pickled cucumber and kimchi. There are salad and 4 kind of breads offered, too. If you are a vegetarian, there are also food provided here. I pretty like the taste of cold noodle with seasame. There is one food I must introduce, the bamboo cake. The taste just like the radish cake, but it’s made of bamboo. You can have some bamboo while eating it. I really like it! There are still some dessert, but when I finished my breakfast, I’m totally full. It’s a pity that I didn’t give a try on these dessert.

I really like the convenience and the quality of San Hao Hotel, I think I will choose this hotel next time when I come to Taichung.

Travel Info
San Hao Hotel
三好行旅[Sānhǎo xínglǚ]
No. 552, Sect. 1, Wenxin Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan

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