MIAOLI|Tai’an Bamboo Forest : A Beautiful Trail in Taiwan

If you have once been to Japan Kyoto, you must had a good memory of Arashiyama bamboo forest. Though the tourists are many, walking slowly through the trail is kind of comfortable. Especially when summer comes, you can hear the birds and cicadas singing and place yourself in a quiet atmosphere. The cool wind can eliminate the hot heat. It seems like there is some mysterious power that help you get rid of your stress and harassment.

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There is a place in Taiwan that just look like the tiny Arashiyama bamboo forest. Located in Miaoli, Tai’an Bamboo forest is also called WugaYan bamboo forest. The towering bamboo forest forms a natural beautiful tunnel which makes it be an instant hit on the internet. Since it’s called a secret place in Taiwan, it’s not easy to get to this place.

Access to the Tai’an Bamboo forest is an industrial road. The road is narrow and curved. Please be careful when driving. It is advisable to visit on a weekday!! You can park your car on the ground when you across the bamboo forest. 

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Though it’s only 100 meters long, the atmosphere here does attract tourists come and take photos here. 

Travel Info
Tai’an Bamboo Forest
[泰安竹林秘境/Tài’ān zhúlín mìjìng
-Located in:
Northern Taiwan
Nature Landscapes, Scenic Spots
-Highly recommend to:
Outdoors Enthusiasts

No. 63-10, 3 Daxing Village, Taian Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan


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