New Taipei City|NanYa Rocks : One of the most Breathtakinging Places in Taiwan

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Nanya is the northern gateway to the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area and is known for its unique rock formations. In Nanya, you’ll no longer see chimneys everywhere or buildings surrounding you. What you will find are rising mountain peaks, large expanses of ocean, unique erosion landforms formed by the interaction of mountain and water, and finally, serene fishing villages and simple towns. There is a place in Nanya that once be recognized as one of the most breathtaking places in Taiwan. It is “Nanya Rocks”.

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At 81.8k, Coastal Highway in Nanya, there is a vast area of strange rocks that mark the start of a geological journey into the Northeast Coast. It is Nanya Rocks, also known as Nanya wonderful rocks. In Chinese, it’s called “Nanya QiYan”. The “Nanya Rocks” have a very special stratum structure. Weathered by the northeastern monsoon and gigantic sea waves over the years, they became unique landscapes on “Provincial Highway 2”. In particular, the “Nanya Rocks” are looking like bamboo shoots afar and an ice-cream nearby. Their color-painting-like patterns make them a local landmark.

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As most rocks in the area are shale and the hardness of each stratum varies, the degree and speed of weathering differ, thus forming their unique appearances featuring bumps and hollows at different levels. Washed by abundant rain during monsoon seasons, the rock surfaces have over time been covered with iron oxide. Due to weathering and erosion, the surfaces have different shades which make them look like earth-color paintings.

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Tourists should prepare to slow down at this point and lose themselves among the windy birthplace of beautiful rock formations.

Travel Info
Nanya Rocks
[南雅奇岩/Nán yǎ qíyán
-Located in:
Northern Taiwan
New Taipei City
Nature Landscapes, Scenic Spots
-Highly recommend to:
Outdoors Enthusiasts

No. 224, North Coast Highway, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan (80.8Km area along the North Coast Highway)

●by train:
Keelung Train Station→Keelung Bus(No. 791)→Nanya 2.Rui Fang Train Station→Golden Fulong shuttle bus(No. 856)→Nanxin Temple→Nanya
●by bus:Guo-kuang Bus(No. 1811/1812)→Nanya

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