New Taipei City|Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology : The First Archaeological Museum in Northern Taiwan

The Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology was established in conjunction to the “rescue excavation” undertaken at the Shihsanhang Archaeological Site in 1990. At that time, Taiwan Provincial Government’s Department of Housing and Development planned to build a sewage treatment plant on top of the site. A group of noted archaeologists launched a campaign to rescue the artifacts at Shihsanhang, and they were able to garner a large amount of public support. As a result, the site was recognized as a second-class Historic Site, and part of the original site was ordered to be preserved. The Shihsanhang site is now a National Historic Site. This vaguely boat-shaped edifice made from concrete, sandstone and titanium alloy showcases the prehistory of the Shihsanhang Culture, which thrived some 500 to 1800 years ago. 

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This museum is a treasure for Taiwan. It records the history of ancient Taiwanese. The special and fascinating appearance is the symbol of the underground treasure trove. The sloping archaeological octagonal tower symbolizes the ruins and the historical truth that cannot be recovered. Although history cannot be recovered, we can save and restore it as much as possible.

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There are plenty of interactive games for children, and a particular highlight are the examples of Austronesian tapa (barkcloth) patterned with beautiful geometric designs. The museum is a 20-minute cycle ride from the ferry pier. You can have a one-day bicycle tour here. After visiting the museum, you can take a ferry to have a walk at Fisherman’s Wharf in Danshui. There are lots of snacks and delicious food in Danshui.

Travel Info
Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology
[十三行博物館 /
Shísān hang bówùguǎn]
-Located in:
Northern Taiwan
New Taipei City
Museum, Exhibition
-Highly recommend to:
Hipsters, Exhibition enthusiasts, History Buffs
-Opening Hours:09:30-17:00
No.200, Museum Rd., Bali Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan



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