New Taipei City|BiTou Cape Hiking Trail:Beautiful Scene between the Sea and the Sky

Remember that there is a psychological test that ask you to make a choice between the mountain view and the sky view. The answer will show that what kind of person you are. I always wonder why I can’t choose both? Every time when I travel with my friends casually, they always ask this question again. Not for testing but for finding a direction. Well, for me, it’s always a BIG problem. Both of them are my favorites, and for this reason we always have to worry about where to go. But I have found a place that solve my problem, BiTou Cape Hiking Trail.

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When I came to Ruifang accidentally, I discovered this beautiful place. The Bitou Cape Hiking Trail is located on a steep hill. Because its surrounding rocks are severely weathered and full of cracks, rockfalls are likely to take place soon. You must be very careful when hiking here. The Bitou Cape Hiking Trail consists of two sub-paths, one leading to a lighthouse and the other a valley. The trail is 3.5km long and it takes 2 to 3 hours to complete a round trip. A trip like this is not only good for one’s health but also for one’s intellect. Hike and learn about all kinds of rock formations resulting from sea erosion over the last hundreds and thousands of years.

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I told my friends that they can totally get THREE gifts from this place, the beautiful scene of mountain, the amazing view of the sea and sun, and a healthy body because of hiking. Just like the Great Wall of Taiwan, the trail is really long and makes you tired. But all your complaints will vanish when you see the view. Sometimes, we will murmur when we do something. Even though we feel unwilling to do so, when we reach the achievement, we satisfy more than anyone else. Just like climbing or hiking, although it is tiring, it is always worth it. And you can always create an unforgettable memory.

Travel Info
BiTou Cape Hiking Trail
[鼻頭角步道 /Bí tóujiǎo bùdào
-Located in:
Northern Taiwan
New Taipei City
Nature Landscapes, Scenic Spots, Hiking Trail
-Highly recommend to:
Outdoors Enthusiasts, Climbers
Bitou Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan


 Editor : Lemon@ReadyGo
Thanks to Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area for contents sharing.

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