PINGTUNG|SyuhHai Grassland Recreation Area : The Most Beautiful Stargazing Place in Southern Taiwan

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The SyuhHai grassland recreation area, located on the gentle top of Mudanbi Mountain(牡丹鼻山) in Mudan Township, has a vast area of grassland and low shrub vegetation.  It is equipped with tourist information stations, parking lots, grassland trails and viewing pavilions. Walking up the trail, you can see unique animals and scenery of Hengchun everywhere. You can look over the amazing scenery of Mudan bay and astonished view of Pacific Ocean when you walk to the gazebo. It only takes about 40 minutes to walk around the grassland trail. It;s really suitable for hiking.

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SyuhHai is actually well-known for the sunrise and the starry sky at night. Some of the travelers will pitch their tents near here and then camp for stargazing. The starry night is really really extraordinary that will make you throw away all the unhappiness. The most beautiful scene of the night might be the galaxy. There are many mythology of galaxy. In Greece, the galaxy is Hera’s milk; in Finland, the galaxy is the bird’s path which guides the birds to find their home; and in China, the galaxy is the Queen of  the God’s work.

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The starry sky of summer night is like the poet’s poetry chapter, and the starry stars are the moving words. Everyone is a poet at night. With the stars, everyone can write their own story to memorize the beautiful night they have experienced.

Travel Info
SyuhHai Grassland Recreation Area
[旭海草原遊樂區 /Xù hǎi cǎoyuán yóulè qū
-Located in:Southern Taiwan

-Features:Nature Landscapes, Scenic Spots, Outdoor activities
-Highly recommend to:Outdoors Enthusiasts
-Opening Hours:09:00-17:00(open everyday in July and August)/08:00-17:00(open on Mon., Fri., Sat., Sun., and national holidays in other months)
Mudan grassland trail, Mudan township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
*Full prohibition of camping, picnics, hunting, or gathering in the area.

Editor : Lemon@ReadyGo
Thanks to Mudan Township Office for the contents sharing.

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