Top 5 ROCK Climbing Trails in Taipei

Taiwan is surrounded by seas and mountains. There are several kinds of people-friendly trails and climbing trails in each mountain. Want to try some exciting rock climbing trails to make a self-challenge? You can consider the following rock mountain trails. Let’s see what beautiful scenery awaits our conquest!

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WuLiaoJian Mountain climbing trail(五寮尖登山步道)


Wujianjian is a low-altitude suburb, however it is about 7 kilometers long. It takes lots of time to hike but it is full of excitement and surprises. It often depends on ropes to climb along the way. It’s absolutely an ideal trail for friends who love challenges. After the summit, you can also overlook the Sansia area. You will have some unforgettable memories if you call your friends to challenge this trail.

BiJia Mountain climbing trail(筆架山登山步道)


Be well known as one of the three northern rock field, the route of BiJiaShan is mostly in the woods. Although there are often ups and downs on the road, there are ropes, trunks, and other items that can be leaned on. The entire route is also long, and it feels more comfortable than walking up the cliff, but it is still challenging!


HuangDiDian climbing trail(皇帝殿登山步道)


The most beautiful mountain ridge line is here. Although the altitude is not high, the mountains are very steep. The most famous trail of it is the rock trail between East and West peak. Governments have added the iron chains for the dangerous ridges so it’s quite safe now. If you like climbing, then don’t miss here!

Jinmian Mountain climbing trail(金面山親山步道)


After entering from the entrance to the mountain, it is mainly an uphill step. There are several boulders along the way, so you need to pull a rope to climb through. It takes about an hour to reach the summit. The top of the hill is full of rocks and its shape is special. The most famous mountain, Scissors, comes from the sights of different angles which gives people a kind of vacant visual effect. The scene is spectacular and you can view the whole Taipei and 101.

Xiaozi Mountain climbing trail(孝子山登山步道)


Xiaozi mountain climbing trail is best known for its near-vertical ladder. It is very short and can reach the summit in about half an hour. Friends who want to experience a thrilling climbing experience but have a poor physical strength are best suited to this challenge.


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