TAIWAN.PARKS | 9 Most Visited Parks in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung City

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Taiwan is fast gaining recognition as a tourist destination due to its incredible variety of scenery. Not only natural landscapes but also cityside destinations like Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, are also popular for tourists.

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Taiwan is a small island which has limited and crowded space especially in big cities. So even a tiny forest park area, would be a huge release for busy working people to relax. Indeed, there are so many parks around Taiwan for sightseeing or activities. But in this article, you’ll get to know the parks where you can have a picnic( You know, parks are always budget traveler’s best restaurant choices), take a nap or a casual stroll, breathe some fresh air, or just DO NOTHING! Enjoy it!  

Taipei : 3 Favorite Parks On My List

►Daan Forest Park [dà ān sēn lín gōng yuán](大安森林公園)


The park regarded as the lung of Taipei city. Sounds interesting, right? But it’s true due to its leisure atmosphere and the fresh air. The park is used by residents of Taipei as a green activity space and for various outdoor activities. You can see many citizens jogging or biking around no matter daytime or nighttime! If you have a pet, it’s also a nice place to walk your pet and meet some new friends here. This park is one of the greatest choice for picnicking in Taipei, if you want to have a picnic and have a reunion with your friends, this will be a good place. Sometimes there are activities held by different groups welcoming people to join. But anytime without doubt, you can always relax yourself there. 

-Attractions Around:Cingtian street, Taipei Grand Mosque, Holy Family Catholic Church
-Transportation:MRT Daan Forest Park (every exit is available, but if you want to rent a bike, go up from exit2) 
-Address:Xinsheng South Road, Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan

►Dajia Riverside Park [dà jiā hé bīn gōng yuán](大佳河濱公園)


This is the most huge riverside park in Taipei which has been an best outdoor space for big events. Such as marathons held by brand companies, Electronic Dance Music parties,etc. Sometimes, there are children soccer competitions held here. The park is part of the greening project around the area. A water playground is opened at the park in June-September mostly. It is located along the Keelung River, featuring a fountain. It’s quite a nice place for outdoor exercise on weekends! 

-Attractions Around:Shih Chien University
-Transportation:Southwest MRT Dazhi station within walking distance
-Address:Zhongshan Dist., Taipei, Taiwan

Guting Riverside Park [gǔ tíng hé bīn gōng yuán](古亭河濱公園)


The park is located right next to Tamsui river, on the Taipei city side. You can enjoy the view on the other side of the river which belongs to New Taipei City. It’s a good place, wide area for biking and jogging. Most of the time, I come to this riverside park from the art village Treasure Hill Temple. It’s a long riverside not so crowded, so it’s recommended to rent a bike that you can enjoy the leisure moments with breezes.  

-Attractions Around:Treasure Hill Temple, Gongguan commercial area, National Taiwan University
-Transportation:MRT Gongguan station, exit 1

-Address:Zhongzheng District., Taipei, Taiwan

Taichung : 3 Favorite Parks On The Tourists’ List

►Maple Garden [qiū hóng gǔ gōng yuán](秋紅谷公園)

When talking about the parks in Taichung, you can’t miss this park! Maple Garden is also called Qiuhonggu Square,which is located in the center of Taichung City, surrounded by many high buildings. Here attracts many locals or tourists to enjoy the leisure atmosphere. You can take about 50 mins to walk around the entire park/square. There are also restaurants, restrooms for public inside the area. The clean environment is really worth having a sit!

-Attractions Around:National Taichung Theater, Qiuhonggu Square, FengJia Night Market
Chao Ma Rts(Zhao Fu Rd.)Station-Buses 658,75,160
Maple Garden ( Zhao Yang Bridge)-Buses 5,27,48,60,69,73,77,151,152,153,153 sub line,155,323,324,325,326
-Address:No. 30, Chaofu Road, Xitun District, Taichung City

►Taichung Park [tái zhōng gōng yuán](台中公園)


The Taichung Park was built when Taiwan was ruled by Japanese, and is also called “Chungshan Park” or “Sun Yat-sen park”. On 17 April, 1999, Taichung City Government listed it as city historical sites. In recent years, people have celebrated Lantern Festival here.The park has facilities for kayaking in the lake, tennis court, outdoor platform and kids playground. It’s a nice place to go for an exercise!

-Attractions Around:Taichung Station, Taichung City Office Building
Tai Zhong Park ( Zi You Rd.)Station-Buses 5,37,158
Zhong Xing Tang Station-Buses 1,12,21,25,35,41,55,58,61,71,73,142,163,203,280,285,286,288,289,301,303,304,307,308,324,326
-Address:No. 65, Section 1, Shuangshi Road, North District, Taichung City

►Art Garden[měi shù yuán dào](美術園道)


It’s the area between Taichung art Park Road, two boulevard in front of National Taiwan Museum of Fine, located in Taichung ‘s West End. Along the way there are numbers of theme restaurants and exotic arts space for installations. Regarded as an escape place from the city because this area is just set up for arts and green parks! Sometimes there would have events held in this park, if you by chance to visit Taichung, don’t miss it!

-Attractions Around:National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Painted Animation Lane
Mei Cun Wu Quan Ba St Intersection Station-Bus 23
Art Parkway ( Wu Quan Wu Jie )Station-Bus 11
-Address:No.59 Wuquan 7th Street, Xi District, Taichung

Kaohsiung : 3 Top Visited Casual Parks On My List

Love River [ài hé](愛河)


The Love River is also called Ai River, which originates in Renwu District, Kaohsiung City, and flows 12 kilometers through Kaohsiung to Kaohsiung Harbor. Love River is the spine of Kaohsiung, playing a similar role as the River Thames of London. It is of great cultural significance to the people of Kaohsiung and plays an important role in its economy and tourism. A riverside park, the Love River Park, runs along the riverbank in downtown Kaohsiung City. A night market operates in the park, and there are some outdoor cafés, often with live bands. Kind of a must-go riverside in Kaohsiung.

-Attractions Around:Kaohsiung Museums of History, Liuhe Tourist Night Market, The Dome of Light
-Transportation:KRTC City Council Station
-Address:Min Sheng 2nd Road, Kaohsiung

Central Park [zhōng yāng gōng yuán] (中央公園)


As its name, the park is located in the heart of the city of Kaohsiung. It is regarded as an oasis of greenery in the midst of a heavily built-up urban area. This park includes Kaohsiung Literature Library, Scenic Lake, Middle Island, Speech Square, Water Square, Hedgerow Labyrinth and Outdoor Terrace. Water Square offers 20-minute-long “water dances” several times a day.

-Attractions Around:Liuhe Tourist Night Market, The Dome of Light
-Transportation:KRTC Central Park Station
-Address:Zhonghua 3rd Rd., Qianjin Dist., Kaohsiung

►Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park [gāo xióng dōu huì gōng yuán](高雄都會公園)


The park measures an area of 35 hectares, which includes vast and flat grassland and forest greens.The park features the Golden Rooster Sundial sculpture which stands tall at the Central Square. There is a bronze cast illustration of the sundial shadow on the ground surface under the golden rooster.The park also consists of a decorated swimming pool, an ecological exhibition room, parent-child playrooms and a library.

-Attractions Around:Taiwan Sugar Museum, Kaohsiung Confucius Temple
-Transportation:KRTC Metropolitan Park Station
-Address:No. 24, Demin Road, Nanzi District, Kaohsiung

Next time, if you don’t know where to go to release your stress on the weekends, just take a look for this recommended list and enjoy your time!

Editor : Lemon@ReadyGo

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