2018 Michelin Recommended!Dishes in the Linjiang Street (Tonghua) Night Market

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As the first Taipei Bib Gourmand released, people search for the delicious dishes that they have missed before. There are 36 restaurants be recommended and 10 of them are from night markets! As we always say, that night markets are the proud and the representation of Taiwan. Let’s take a look and give a shot to these street food on the list!

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Linjiang Street (Tonghu) Night Market


Located in central Taipei, Tonghua Street Night Market is one of the busiest street markets in Taipei. Being the most local night market in Taipei, Tonghua caters to those looking for a more authentic night market experience without leaving downtown. With Hakka culture, there are variety of special local foods in Linjiang street night market. Due to its location, there are lots of store around the night market. You can go shopping  while having dishes. 

There are 2 street food be recommended from Bib Gourmand. Here comes the introduction!

|Liang’s braised snacks梁記滷味


The braised snacks is one of the famous Taiwan’s local dish. The braised snacks contains variety of ingredients, including kelp, dried bean curd, braised egg, tofu, vegetables, etc. There is no price list so just pick the things you want to eat. Because the sauce is too yummy that attracts people to line up every day. If you want to try some braised snacks, Liang’s might be a good choice if you can endure queues.
-Opening Hour:17:50-01:30
-Address:Ln. 50, Sect. 39, Tonghua St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan

|Luo’s stir fries 駱記小炒

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Just like the characteristic of Taiwanese, stir fries is also one of the representative dish. If you never try some stir fries, then never say that you’ve been to Taiwan. The lamb and the beef are delicious but the most famous of Luo’s is stir-fried ocean escargot. Many foreigners won’t try it because it’s a dish of snails, but if you have courage to take some, I bet you’ll love it!
-Opening Hour:17:00-00:00(Mon-Fri)/17:00-00:30(Sat-Sun) (Closed on Tue every other week)
-Address:No 27, Ln. 50, Sect. 39, Tonghua St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
-Prices:NT$ 100 per dish of stir-fried lamb/stir-fried beef/stir-fried ocean escargot

Besides the food that Michelin recommends, ReadyGo also wants to recommend some amazing street food at Linjiang Street Night Market!

|Hunghua Spicy Salt-water Chicken紅花麻辣鹽水雞


If you ask locals for dinner advice, Hunghua spicy salt-water chicken must be the top 3 answer! Due to being introduced by many programs, Hunghua is always long queues. If you have no passion for waiting, then you must miss the delicacy. Just like braised snacks, there are variety of foods here. As for me, I like to have salt-water chicken with gherkin and crisp bamboo shoots. Fresh and spicy is the best fit!
-Opening Hour:17:30-00:00(Closed on Wed)
-Address:No 99, Linjiang St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan

|Aiyu jelly & mesona(Ice in wonderland)愛玉之夢遊仙草



As a person with a sweet teeth, you must try this! In the name of hand-made, this store is always full of people, especially at night. When we talk about aiyu jelly, it usually comes with lemonade. But the feature of this store is aiyu jelly mixed with mesona. Whether it is with creamer or lemonade, it tastes amazing great! This is definitely the best dessert after eating a lot in the night market.
-Opening Hour:12:00-03:00
-Address:No 56, Tonghua St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
-Prices:NT$ 50 for each

Travel Info
Linjiang Street (Tonghu) Night Market
[臨江街(通化)夜市 / Nanˊ Ji Changˇ Yaˋ Shihˋ]
-Opening Hour:18:00-0:00
Linjiang St.,Datun District,Taipei City,Taiwan
▸MRT to Xinyi Anhe Station (Exit 3)>Walk for 2 mins
▸MRT to Liuzhangli Station>Walk for 8 mins
▸Bus no. 20, 22, 33, 37, 38, 226, 292 or Xinyi Line (信義幹線) to Xinyi Tonghua stop
▸Bus no. 1, 207, 254, 282, 284, 292, 611 or 650 to San Hsing Primary School stop

Editor : Lemon@ReadyGo

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