Cijin Island : a Releasable Place in Kaohsiung

This thin island acts as a buffer to the harbour and extends down the city coastline, connected to Kaohsiung at its southern tip by a tunnel.There are two options for visiting Cijin. One is to take a ferry and the other is to drive through the tunnel.

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Taiwan Tourism Bureau

It’s a popular day trip from the mainland, with the beautiful Tianhou Temple, Lighthouse, frenetic seafood street (Hǎichǎn Jiē) where you can get dishes for NT$60 to NT$250, beach and a picturesque coastal park with seven wind turbines being the main attractions.

|Cihou Tianhou Temple

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

The traditional Sea Goddess, Matsu, can be worshipped in the oldest temple in Kaohsiung, the Tianhou Temple which was built in 1673. People prayed for safety sailing and since then, the Matsu Temple has always been full of people burning incense, making it one of the most important Temples in Kaohsiung. It is now regarded as a “third grade national historical building”. In the minds of the residents of Cijin, the most precious thing about it is its relationship with the people, which has survived for over three hundred years.

|Kaohsiung Lighthouse

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Built in 1883, Kaohsiung Lighthouse is the only white octagonal lighthouse made of brick in Taiwan. The 15.2-meter-tall tower is encircled by a balcony commanding a sweeping view of Kaohsiung City. The lighthouse serves an important role in ensuring the safe transit of merchant ships at Kaohsiung Harbor. The more than century old building is designated as a grade three historic site.

|Seafood Street

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Surrounded by the sea, Cijin is rich in variety of seafood. You can get a lot of dishes here. If you like seafood, then you must take a walk here. Not only can you get fresh dishes of seafood, but can enjoy the passion of Kaohsiung.

Travel Info
Cijin Island

[旗津 / Chiˊ Jin]

-Located in:Southern Taiwan
-Features:Nature Landscapes, Sea Spots, Outdoor activities
-Highly recommend to:Outdoors Enthusiasts

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