Taiwan Events Info:Events You Can’t Miss in March

It’s a new begin of a new month! Do you know what’s going on in March in Taiwan? Don’t worry! ReadyGo has already organized them for you! You only need to pack up and buy a fly ticket! Here we go for the info!

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Taoyuan Calla Lily Festival

Taoyuan Travel

This is the second year of the Taoyuan Calla Lily Festival. The target in 2018 is to turn the leisure agriculture area into a lover wonderland. To become more interesting, the festival combine with installation art and various kind of activities. If you like calla lily, you won’t want to miss this festival.

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Located in:North Taiwan

Address:Intersection of Tianxi Rd. & Shengde N. Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Lavender in Sun Moon Lake


You must heard about lavender while talking about March. In March, lavenders will blossom everywhere. In Nantou, there is a purple valentine’s day which is the second Sunday of March. Couples who wear in purple go to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and participate in the activity will get a memorial present. I would say this is a good chance to travel in Nantou. You can not only have fun in the amusement park and enjoy the beauty of lavenders, but have a little trip to Sun Moon Lake. How wonderful!

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Located in:Central Taiwan

Address:No.45, Jinjing Ln., Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

Biking and Bird Watching

Taiwan Tourism Events

In spring, the gray-faced eagles will return to Bagua Mountain each year. As a bird watching enthusiast and environmentalist, you must have great passion in this activity. People will bike to Bagua Mountain and  look for the eagles. It’s a recommended leisure trip!

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Located in:Central Taiwan

Address:, Guashan Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County, Taiwan

Ali Mt. Flower Festival

Taiwan Tourism Events

In March and April, sakura will blossom all over the mountain. There will be 4 concerts during these two months so that tourists can not only enjoy the amazing beauty of sakura but enjoy the graceful music. The concerts will start on 3/19. It will only hold on Monday and will last for a month. You can also try on the Ali train. The scenery is really astonished!

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Located in:South Taiwan

Address:No.59, Zhongzheng Village, Alishan Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan

Taiwan Lantern Festival

Taiwan Lantern Festival

Taiwan Lantern Festival is held in Chiayi this year. The area will include Chiayi County Government, Taizi Blvd(太子大道) to Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum. The total area will exceed 50 hectares. Combining with sightseeing, technology, culture and arts, government wants to present the local value and innovative energy of Chiayi. This must be an extraordinary lantern festival that break through the tradition and it must be jam-packed with tourists!

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Located in:South Taiwan


Rafting Triathlon International Championship

Taiwan Tourism Events

If you like to challenge yourself, then 2018 Xiuguluan River Rafting Triathlon International Championship must be the best choice! The competition combines with biking, running and rafting. It’s really fun and exciting! If you miss the info, you will need to wait for next year! Don’t hesitate to sign up now!

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Competition Date:06/10
Located in:East Taiwan
Address:No.215, Sec. 3, Zhongshan Rd., Ruisui Township, Hualien County, Taiwan

Taiwan International Orchid Show 2018


The greatest show of orchids will be held in Tainan in 2018. There will be more than 30 millions orchids in the exhibition. If you like orchid, you can’t miss the show. Orchid is really suitable for decorating the house. Trust me! You will find the orchid you want here! 

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Located in:South Taiwan

Address:No.325, Wushulin, Houbi Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan

Song Jiang Battle Ritual

Taiwan Tourism Events

By owing the most folk array of Taiwan, Kaohsiung Neimen has the title of “art town”. Song Jiang array is the largest of them and Song Jiang Battle Ritual is the representation of spontaneous and grass-roots power. It plays a vital role in inheriting important folk culture and arts. If you are interested in Taiwanese folk, then you must take a look for this!

Travel Info
Located in:South Taiwan

Address:No.18, Ln. 115, Zhongzheng Rd., Neimen Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

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