Travel in Hualien : Beautiful Spots After Earthquake

Updated 2018-04-25

We all know that there was a horrible earthquake in Hualien on February 6th, 2018. Roads broke, houses and buildings collapsed. It sounds terrible but fortunately, there are still some scenic spots exist after the earthquake. Let’s take a look about these spots.

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LiYu(Carp) Lake(鯉魚潭, Liˇ Yuˊ Tanˊ)

Liyu Lake is located at the foot of Liyu Mountain, in Shoufeng Township’s Chinan Village. It is one of the older scenic areas, and is only 18 kilometers from Hualien City. Liyu lake is about 1.6 kilometers in length, making it the largest inland lake in Hualien. There are two other names of Liyu Lake, the original inhabitants called it “Dapo”,while the Amis called it “Banao”.

Due to an abundance of natural travel and recreation resources, Liyu Lake was developed into a well-known scenic spot early on and became a site of varied activities. You can enjoy light-boat sailing, biking on the single-lane road which encircles the lake and strolling along the footpaths of the shore. It’s a good place to bring your family here because the shore recreation area has developed a variety of water activities and recreation facilities. Liyu Mountain has many forest footpaths which allow hikers to enjoy the birds, flowers, and scenery, making it one of the best exercise choices. Besides these, there is a fully equipped, up-to-date campsite, just several hundred meters south of the lake. If you like outdoor activities, you can experience outdoor recreation here.

If you are hungry, don’t worry! On the opposite side of the road separating the road from the lake is a restaurant and store. The restaurant serves specialties like taro pastries, sweet potato pastries and shrimp cakes. All of the ingredients are locally produced. And these specialties are very popular among the locals, too.

East Rift Valley National Scenic Area


Yunshanshi雲山水(Yunˊ Shan Shuiˇ)

There is a beautiful spot you won’t want to miss in Hualien, Ecological farm of Yunshanshi. Yunshanshi has a unique geographical position in the middle between the Central Mountain Range and the Coastal Mountain Range. It is well known for its “Dream Lake”, a man-made lake, which is clear like a painting of wonderland. At here, you can enjoy high-level relax without paying lots of money. It’s a fantastic experience to have afternoon tea with the beauty.


Li Chuan Fisheries(立川漁場, Liˋ Chuan Yuˊ Changˇ)

Talking about Li Chuan, you must hear about Golden Corbicula Clam. In 1971, a man came to Hualien and started a clam breeding business at the new river area of Shoufeng Township, where the rivers interweave like a web. This was done both to express gratitude to his family, and to set up a river-related business. Thus, this place was named “Lichuan Fisheries” (meaning “located at the river”). Thanks to the innovative breakthrough of its breeding technology and superior environment that is exceptionally rich in natural resources, clams grow both plump and sweet.

When looking down at Lichuan Fisheries from a high elevation, the natural springs breeding ponds look like mirrors with emerald green frames that reflect the cloudy skies like glittering bright pearls. Nowadays, visitors not only can experirence the local country flavor of the old-style clam catching, but try out Lichuan’s unique fish foods at the “Old Diner’s Private Kitchen”. The “Lichuan Spring Water Ecology Tour” is also a popular activity that appeals both to one’s knowledge and senses. If you are interst in learning about golden clam breeding industry, you must participate in!

East Rift Valley National Scenic Area

East Rift Valley National Scenic Area

Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Resort(新光兆豐休閒農場, Shin Guang Chaoˋ Feng Shiou Shianˊ Nungˊ Changˇ)

In the East Rift Valley, south of Fengping Bridge on Provincial Highway No.9, there is a dairy cow emblem that changes according to the seasons. Just turn east at the emblem and drive for another five minutes, and you will arrive at Chao Feng Ranch & Resort. The farm is about 726 hectares. The tourist orchard area and dairy cattle area are Chao Feng Ranch & Resort’s main agricultural and livestock production areas. Lemons, avocados, bananas, pomelos, kumquats, and oranges are grown in the tourist orchard. Visitors can experience the joys of picking fresh fruit when they are mature. Over 500 milk cows are bred in dairy cattle area. The fresh milk that they produce all goes to well-known milk factories to be processed for selling to the public.

In addition to these, there are ecological bird park and parrot park, over 200 kinds of birds, and over 100 kinds of parrots are bred here. In animal section, you can see many kinds of animals which are extremely popular with the children. The insect and butterfly area and the plant area have their own feature, too. You will definitely not leave empty-handed if you enjoy your time here.

East Rift Valley National Scenic Area

Ruisui Hot Springs(瑞穗溫泉, Ruiˋ Suiˋ Wen Chuanˊ)

The Ruisui Hot Springs are one of the large hot springs located in Hualien. The Ruisui Hot Springs were opened by the Japanese in 1917. The temperature of the Ruisui Hot Springs is about 48°C. The Ruisui Hot Springs are abundant in minerals such as iron and barium which are benefit for skin disease and arthritis. Furthermore, according to medical research, couples who frequently bathe in this kind of low-alkaline hot springs will be more likely to give birth to a son. Because of this, the Rueisuei Hot Springs are also named the “Give Birth to a Son Springs”. 

East Rift Valley National Scenic Area

Antong Hot Springs(安通溫泉, An Tong Wen Chuanˊ)

The Antong Hot Springs are situated in a secluded valley in a mountainous forest area, among beautiful scenery. In early years, the “Antong Warm Wash” became one of the eight great scenes of Hualien.The springs on the banks of the Antong River was discovered in 1904 by Japanese, then in 1930, a public bathing pool was set up. Until Taiwan independence, the Antong Hot Springs gradually developed into a major hot springs area. The temperate reaches 66°C, and the spring waters are plentiful. These springs are good for treating various conditions, such as skin ailments, stomach and intestine ailments, gynecological diseases, and wounds.

There is an Antong Mountain Crossing Trail near to the hot springs, which is about 13 kilometers. In addition to its historical value, the pristine and natural landscape is also its feature which makes it become an ideal path for health walking. It’s good to have an ease walk after bathing in the hot springs.

East Rift Valley National Scenic Area

Though there is a devastating disaster, it’s really a good choice to travel in Hualien to enjoy the peace.

Travel Info
Located in: Eastern Taiwan

County: Hualien
Features: Nature Landscape, Scenic Spots, Outdoor activities, Hot spring, Farm
Highly recommend to: Outdoors Enthusiasts, Families

 Editor : Lemon@ReadyGo

Info quoted from: East Rift Valley National Scenic Area

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