Learning Chinese : About Chinese New Year

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When you travel to a new country, it’s better to learn about their language. Here comes some new year vocabulary words in Taiwan.

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About Greeting and Blessing

新年快樂 [sin nianˊ kuaiˋ leˋ] Happy New Year
恭喜發財 [gung hsiˇ fa tdsiˊ] Wishing you prosperity and wealth.
萬事如意 [wanˋ shihˋ ruˊ yiˋ] May everything go as you hope.
健康長壽 [jianˋ kang changˊ shouˋ] Wishing you longevity and health!
大吉大利 [daˋ jiˊ daˋ liˋ] Great fortune and great favour.

About Traditions

除夕 [chuˊ hsiˋ] Lunar New Year’s Eve
年夜飯 [nienˊ yaˋ fanˋ] New Year’s Eve dinner
敬酒 [jingˋ jiouˇ] Propose a toast
團圓飯 [tuanˊ yuanˊ fanˋ] Family reunion dinner
元宵節 [yuanˊ hsiao jieˊ] Lantern Festival
壓歲錢 [ya sueiˋ chienˊ] Lucky money
守歲 [shouˇ sueiˋ] Staying-up
拜年 [baiˋ nienˊ] Make a New Year’s visit
回娘家 [hueiˊ niangˊ jia] Visit wife’s parents
祭祖 [jiˋ tsuˇ] Worship ancestor
拜拜 [baiˋ baiˋ] Go to temple to worship
放鞭炮 [fangˋ bian pauˋ] Set off firecrackers
吃元宵 [chi yuanˊ hsiao] Eat sweet dumplings with stuffing.
猜燈謎 [tsai den miˊ] Guess lantern riddles.
提燈籠 [tiˊ den longˊ] Hold a lantern
逛燈會 [guanˋ den hueiˋ] Visit the Lantern Festival

About Food and Things

紅包 [hungˊ bao] Red envelope
壓歲錢 [ya sueiˋ chiengˊ] Lucky money
春聯 [chuen lianˊ] spring couplets, red couplets
爆竹 [baoˋ tzuˊ] firecrackers
[yuˊ] Fish, represent having enough to spare.
菜頭 [tsaiˋ touˊ] Swede Turnip, mean “good omens” .
韭菜 [jiouˇ tsaiˋ] Garlic chives, stands for “everlasting”.
年糕、發糕 [nienˊ gao] [fa gao] Rice cake or sweet glutinous rice pudding, makes people “advance toward higher positions and prosperity step by step.” 
水餃 [sheuiˇ chiaoˇ]   Dumplings, to amass fortunes and wealth.
舞龍舞獅 [wuˇ longˊ wuˇ shih]  Dragon and lion dance
戲曲 [hsiˋ chuˇ]   Traditional opera
[hsiang]   Incense
麻將 [maˊ jiangˋ] Chinese traditional game

Next time if you visit Taiwan during Chinese New Year, you can try these words to talk to others.

Editor : Lemon@ReadyGo

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