Lantern Festival Activities in Taiwan (2018) : Information for Each Activity

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Lantern Festival is coming soon again in Taiwan! In these days, different kinds of magnificent lanterns will be held in each cities. ReadyGo has already compiled the details of each activity. Here comes the information. Wish you have a happy lunar new year in Taiwan!

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Taipei Lantern Festival (台北)

2018 Taipei Lantern Festival will be an ultimate light show. This year, Ximending street will turn into a large theater, and will combine with 3D architectural light sculpture show. This will definitely give you a visual shock! The activity will be held on 2/24-3/4. You can go there by MRT in blue line (Ximeng) or via taxi and bus. 

Resource: Taipei City Government

Taoyuan Lantern Festival (桃園, Taoˊ Yuanˊ)

There are four areas of lantern festival in Taoyuan this year. Nankan river(南崁溪) as the main area, the others will be Guishan(龜山), Shie-Bien-Tou(水汴頭) and Luzhu(蘆竹). If you like Snoopy, then you must not miss the lantern festival in Taoyuan! Because the government has particularly applied to the US for the authorization of Snoopy, Snoopy will show up as the lantern. It must be interesting and cute! The activity will be held on 2/21-3/4. You can also get your own lantern if you ask the information center.

Resource: Taoyuan City Government

Chiayi Lantern Festival (嘉義, Jia Yiˋ)

Taiwan Lantern Festival will be held in Chiayi this year. The area will include Chiayi County Government, Taizi Blvd(太子大道) to Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum. The total area will exceed 50 hectares. Combining with sightseeing, technology, culture and arts, government wants to present the local value and innovative energy of Chiayi. This must be an extraordinary lantern festival that break through the tradition. The activity will be held on 3/2-3/11. It must be jam-packed with tourists!

Resource: Tourism Bureau

YueJin Lantern Festival (月津港, Yueˋ Jin Gangˇ)

The theme of YueJin lantern festival this year is “MEET”. The lighting installation works in combination with the local culture and landscapes of Tainan Yanshuei(台南鹽水). The gevernment also cooperate with Kyoto this year to present a more international lantern festival. The activity will be held on 2/10-3/11.

Resource: Tainan City Government

Kaohsiung Lantern Festival (高雄, Gaoh siungˊ)

Using the waterfront features to enhance the effect of lighting laser show, the government launch the magic light show on the water this year. The grand “Million Lantern Light March” will be held on 3/2 and there are more than 50 groups of performers be invited. The show can be highly expected. It must be the highlight of the lantern festival! The activity will be held on 2/18-3/3.

Editor : Lemon@ReadyGo

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