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The old Taitung train station and train line has been gentrified into a lovely wooden walking track and cultural space. Come summer, this place transforms into a craft market and hosts music concerts at the Tiehua Music Village within. Taitung Railway Art Village is thus established to keep memories of railway culture. This art village maintains the original appearance of the railway bureau at that time, having the nation’s only triangle turnaround loop and Kuanghua Express. In the porch, there are modern installation artistic works and old-fashioned railroad reflecting each other. Rail enthusiasts and photography lovers shall never miss here.

Travel Info
Taitung Railway Art Village
[台東鐵道藝術村 /tái dōng tiě dào yì shù cūn]
-Located in:Eastern Taiwan

-County:Taitung County
-Features:Arts and park facilities
-Highly recommend to:Arts enthusiasts 
No. 26, Lane 135, Xinsheng Road, Taitung City, Taitung County


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