The First-Timer’s Travel Guide to Taipei: Before You Go

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Patricia Schultz, New York Times Bestselling Author of “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” has once presented a slideshow of the 10 best cities she’s ever been to, and Taipei was one of those ten. Taiwan is a wonderful country in Asia. If this is your first time to come to Taiwan, there are somethings you should know.

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Taiwan enjoys mild weather year-round with an average temperature of 22°C (71.6°F). The rainiest months are from May to September, with June to August being the height of typhoon season. Night markets are a big part of the Taiwan experience and you won’t want to go to a single night market with pouring rain. Ideally, shoot for October to February if you can. The weather is cool and dry and air pollution is at a minimum.

Unless you’re on a cruise ship, most travelers to Taiwan will be arriving by air. Taipei has two international airports — Taoyuan and Songshan — but the vast majority of international flights are served by Taoyuan. You can get to the city from Taoyuan Airport by MRT, bus, taxi, or private transfer.

BY MRT: The airport MRT is the fastest way to get into the city from Taoyuan Airport. It takes about 35 minutes to get to Taipei Main Station from either terminal 1 or 2. The fare is TWD 160 with trains running from 6:06AM until 11:35PM. From Taipei Main Station, you can continue on the MRT to the station nearest your hotel.


BY BUS: The Kuo-Kuang Bus (Taiwan Bus Corp.) is a good alternative to the MRT, especially if you’re arriving late in the evening. It operates 24 hrs and will take you to Taipei Main Station for TWD 125. After going through immigration and collecting your luggage, proceed to the city bus ticketing counters. You can follow this link for the Kuo-Kuang Line timetable. From Taipei Main Station, you can then take a taxi or the MRT to your hotel.

BY TAXI: Taoyuan is around 45 minutes away from the city center so a taxi will be expensive, around TWD 1,000-1,200 depending on traffic. This should be your last resort.

BY PRIVATE TRANSFER: A slightly cheaper alternative to a taxi is to go by airport transfer which you can book through sites like Klook or Kkday. 

There are lots of attractions worth to visit in Taiwan. If you want to experience the local culture in Taiwan, 5 nights is probably need for the travel.

Taiwan is surprisingly affordable. If you share an inexpensive hotel room with someone, travel by MRT, eat modestly, and without shopping, then you’ll be fine with a starting budget of around TWD 1,500 a day. You can increase your daily allowance based on how much shopping you want to do. Even then, shopping at night markets is cheap as is the food. You can enjoy a great Taiwanese street feast for under USD 10. Some of the spots in Taiwan need tickets but most of them are free to visit.The MRT is cheap and efficient as well, with most journeys costing just TWD 25.

Banks offer the best exchange rates but the currency exchange booths at the airport are almost as good. There’s one right before you go through immigration and another at the baggage claim area. For convenience, you can exchange some currency at the airport especially if you arrive on a weekend. Hotels can exchange currency as well but at a less favorable rate. Be sure to keep any receipts issued because you’ll need them to change back any unused TWD before departing Taiwan.

Alternatively, you can also withdraw TWD from an ATM. ATM is set in most convenience stores. Comparing to the bank, the rates are competitive. Just be sure to advise your bank you’ll be using your ATM card overseas so you don’t run into any problems. 

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