There are two parts to the beach, divided by the Shuangshi River. The left beach, a long and clean stretch of sand, sits behind the Northeast Coast Scenic Administration building. This is the paid area and you’ll have to use this section if you want to do water sports that require rentals. If you head right and continue towards a large temple on the end of a peninsula (a 10-minute walk from the admin area), you’ll get to the free beach. This is also a good place to swim or surf.

Travel Info
Fulong Beach
[福隆海灘/fú lóng hǎi tān ] 

-Located in: Taipei, Northern Taiwan
-County:New Taipei City
-Features:Beach, Natural landscapes
-Highly recommend to:Everyone,Surfing enthusiasts
-Transportation:By Train—>Fulong Station
-Address:Gongliao District, New Taipei City

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