Qixingtan, about 3km north of Hualien, looks down a coastline of high cliffs and green mountains. The water is too rough for swimming but it’s a great spot for biking, strolling or picnicking. At the south end amid fishing villages are B&Bs, restaurants, Greece-inspired residential low-rises, and the mildly interesting Chihsing Tan Katsuo Museum (七星柴魚博物館, open 9am to 7pm), dedicated to dried bonito, an industry that was once of huge importance to Taiwan.

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[七星潭 / qī xīng tán ]

-Located in:Eastern Taiwan
East coast of Taiwan, beaches, ocean view
-Highly recommend to:
Outdoor Enthusiasts
Only by car or by bus
Xincheng Township,Hualien County

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