Jiaoxi : The Home Town of Hot Spring in Yilan


Like most spa areas in Taiwan, Jiaoxi (礁溪; Jiāoxī, Jiaoshi) is overdeveloped and crowded but landscaping improvements are proceeding to make it a more attractive place. Midweek the area is quiet and with the Taiwan Tourism Shuttle Buses (www.taiwantrip.com.tw) you can make a good day trip here, visiting the three-layered Wufengqi Waterfall (五峰旗大瀑布; Wǔfēngqí Dà Pùbù) and the 6.5km Paoma Historic Trail (跑馬古道; Pǎomǎ Gǔ Dào) before you soak. Buses (NT$20) run hourly, on the hour, weekdays starting at the Jiaoxi train station.

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Travel Info
[礁溪 /jiāo xī ] 

-Located in:Northern Taiwan
-Features:Hot spring, Natural landscapes
-Highly recommend to:Everyone
For travel in Jiaoxi Township you can have free fun on a Taiwan Trip- Jiaoxi route bus or take an Yilan Very Good-free city bus.
Check out their website to see more detail.—>Jiaoxi Travel Site
By Train—>Jiaoxi Train Station
Address:Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County

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